new orleans

  1. D

    rider fee 7.80

    Hi all, New to uber. Im looking over tonight earnings and i see a rider fee of 7.80 on one fare from new orleans to kenner. I thought it was 1.95 for new orleans? Any help would be great... by the way first night not too bad 2.5 hours $75.00 take home
  2. A

    Friend Selling Cheap Car - Perfect Uber Ride?

    Was rec'd that I come here and post this. Had a few Uber drivers inquire, so if y'all are interested: My friend left town for work, but she left her car in NOLA since her new (larger) city made it impossible to park. She wants to be rid of it, and some Uber drivers have mentioned to me it might...
  3. Darchelle T

    New to Uber in Nola

    Hey Nola peeps. I new out there and was wondering if anyone has any tips on driving in Nola. I've only been out for 16 trips and I like it so far. What are, if any, issues that you face out there. Especially my females.