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new orleans

  1. dprince

    NolaUberman: Collective driver strike for increased fare percent wages

    Wanting to get co-ordinated with as many drivers as possible. Let us hit UBER/LYFT where it hurts in an attempt to increase driver shares of fares. Currently I am seeing that both UBER/LYFT takes 50-60 percent of all passenger payments. Looking to get a collective call to "TURN OFF UBER" on a...
  2. Yulli Yung

    No show fee now paid for full trip

    I had a no show for Uber this morning and it paid me for the full trip fare. The explanation shows cancellation so Uber must be paying for the full trip now rather than $3.75.
  3. Spock B

    UBER X drivers should demand rate rise

    I have driven for Uber for over twelve months and during this time seen the following; Uber discontinues providing monthly 1099. Uber discontinues downloads of fare details. Uber raised their booking fee by almost double. Uber and the city get more for a minimum fare ride than a driver. Uber is...
  4. M

    Postmates New Orleans Blog

    I found this helpful blog focused on Postmates in New Orleans: https://postmatesneworleans.blogspot.com/
  5. M

    Postmates payout

    Is there a way to set up Postmates where it pays you like Uber in a lump sum once a week? Postmates charges 15 cents every time they transfer money to your account which is why they do daily transfers vs. a lump sum. Is there a way to change this?
  6. Yulli Yung

    Lafayette Driver Gets 3 Pings in Less Than 2 Minutes in New Orleans

    So, this Lafayette Driver and passenger rolledmk into Meteriere around 2 p.m. from Lafayette, odropped my pax off at the Stay American and Ended the Trip. Of course, there was a generous cash tip, $100, for the return trip back to Lafayette. While entering my "Set a Destination" to Lafayette, I...
  7. L

    have they disabled airport rematch?

    I was on a destination ride to the airport and when I got there it said destination mode expired, like it usually does. But this time there was a red block of text that I couldn't see and I wasn't rematched when I cleared screen. Any of you know what's up?
  8. M

    We need new wages

    Anyone else think we should go in front of uber office and protest for higher fares because come on we are making literally $0.10 mile
  9. L

    Does any one get Quests here?

    My mom does uber in Chicago and she told me about Quests. They involve a ride and acceptance rate goal but I've never seen them on my promotion page.
  10. Spock B

    New Fare Details From Uber. What are they?

    Since the new fare details came out on May 22 I have noticed some interesting things. I looked at minimum fares and noticed riders were being charged various amounts for nearly identical trips. Additionally Uber is stating the mileage and time rates and then making the payment up as a "minimum...
  11. Spock B

    New State Regulations for Uber Drivers

    To all Perhaps all drivers should look at the new regulations being proposed in the State Legislature regarding regulation of TNC and drivers in Louisiana. I can't post a link to the legislation at this time but look up House Bill 527. This bill has already gone through committee and is...
  12. Larry30040

    If it's 3 AM and there's a topless woman in your car you must be in New Orleans.

    Ok. it's 2:58 AM January 1st, 2017. I'm driving for Lyft in the Big Easy... my home town by the way... I get a pick up at the Intercontinental Hotel on St. Charles. It's pouring down rain and I mean buckets... I pull into the pickup area that is covered from the weather and my pax eventually...
  13. tohunt4me

    kidnapping in New Orleans by Woman

    A fake woman Uber Driver kidnapped a woman in New Orleans La. On Thursday Nov.17. Woman was abducted by 4 women in a white 2013-2016 Nissan Altima. Anyone with information urged to contact state police or New Orleans police. Pictures below.
  14. tohunt4me

    Fake Woman Uber Driver

    A woman was kidnapped in New Orleans ,La. by a woman posing as an Uber Driver.( so much for Jane Go being "safer"on the basis of women drivers.) On November 17, a white Nissan Altima 2016 model abducted a woman on the corner of Conti & Dauphine streets at 5:15 a.m. The woman claims she was...
  15. Arief Harlan

    New to Uber in NOLA

    Hello everyone, I'm excited to be joining the Uber driver family. My friend does it in the city he lives in and recommended it to me. I will be driving in New Orleans area. Are there any hot spots where people like to request rides? Also any general tips and advice y'all could offer? I drive a...
  16. Arief Harlan

    New to Uber, just a few questions please.

    Hello everyone, I'm excited to be joining the Uber driver family. My friend does it in the city he lives in and recommended it to me. I will be driving in New Orleans area. Are there any hot spots where people like to request rides? Also any general tips and advice y'all could offer? I drive a...
  17. K

    Speed camera on Henry Clay

    25 mph speed limit on Henry Clay Ave uptown. Camera's at Henry Clay and Coliseum. $110 fine in the mail is never a good start to the week.
  18. Kimfabulous

    re Lyft Airport requests! :(

    So, I just started driving Lyft and Uber. In just two weeks, three different passengers with no destination entered, got into my car and asked to be taken to the airport. Each time, I told them that it is currently illegal for me to take them as a Lyft fare and each time they looked at me like...
  19. B

    Uber in Mandeville

    Hello all, I've been looking to become an Uber driver. I live in Mandeville Louisiana. Which is very close to New Orleans. As I can see there would be a lot of business in the laying New Orleans area, I'm not too fond of driving in the New Orleans area because of the terrible traffic/roads/crime...
  20. D

    Hourly pay

    Quick and short, I want to know what is the average wage per hour for Uber drivers in New Orleans? I see anywhere from $18.00 per hour to $35.00 per hour. It would be helpful if all could post their averages of the the past month.