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new hampshire

  1. Davec3365

    coming back empty after drop off

    Hi again all. "Hey", I drive in New Hampshire, but when I cross the Mass. line, I have to come back empty!! I have e mailed Uber and their response to do a CORI check. So, I went on to do the CORI check as they requested and with the link they sent me. needless to say I passed of course, I...
  2. NashuaUberGuy

    Thoughts on My First Few Weeks Uber Driving in New Hampshire and Mass.

    Hello all, I've been reading this forum a lot over the past few weeks, and I wanted to share my experiences from the first.....hold on, lemme check....41 days of ride share driving here in the Nashua, NH area. 41 days? Yikes. Time goes by fast. It's funny, I started doing this to try and make...
  3. Maven

    New Background Checks

    As of April 3rd, no rideshare driver may pickup in Massachusetts until they have passed the Massachusetts Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check, which is more stringent than Uber's background check, but does not require fingerprinting. This also applies to drivers in adjacent states...
  4. Ghwwe72

    Lyft in Manchester, NH will Boston drivers be allowed to drive there?

    saw an article that Lyft is expanding to a bunch of new cities starting 01/26 and Manchester New Hampshire is one of them. I wonder if Boston Lyft drivers will be allowed to drive there like we can with Uber.
  5. jaynh88

    New Hampshire

    Anyone from Nashua/Manchester?