new guy

  1. T


    Hello everyone, Thanks for accepting, even know it's automatic lol. Anyhow I am new and I know not going to get rich from this, so with that said. I plan on working just weekends unless your guys opinion change my mind. Here's my goal, so you guys can let me know what it takes to make 300 to 400...
  2. PowersAssociates

    God I hate posts like this...

    So as you can see I really dread putting a post up like this, but I am willing to put it out there... I am a new uber driver......(SHOCK) Just wanted to see if anyone had any good tips for my first night out. I have my truck all set up, i have edited this portion to remove confusion about...
  3. jtuberaz

    Hello, [Uber] World!

    Hey everyone! New driver here. I am about half way through my first week, started this past Friday, as an Uber driver. Hope to make great friends and find valuable information with the hopes to increase weekly earnings!
  4. juanhtx

    newbie with a question

    Joined to follow the amazon flex thread but i am thinking about joining uber. i see outside of houston you can still drive for uber i drive a very clean 2007 gmc acadia and on signup from uber i do not meet the requirements. Question is was i miss informed about the year cut off or is there...
  5. Afalzone

    New Guy-Multiple Riders

    I started driving last week here in Chattanooga and so far really enjoy this as a part time gig. I do have a question regarding multiple riders though. Does Uber not charge per rider or is the rate for up to 4 riders in my car? I seem to understand that the riders can split the cost if they...
  6. Where is West Hills?

    Hello, new to forum not Lyft & Uber

    Hey everyone, Brand new to this forum and I've never really communicated with other drivers before. Been driving for a little over a year now both Lyft and Uber. Usually just one or two nights a week, Friday or Saturday picking up the dreaded bar and club crowd I see may of you avoid. What...
  7. D

    Hi I am New!! I need guidance

    Hi, I just recently signed up, passed inspection and all that jazz, and the lady indicated I am ready to roll and didn't tell me too much in terms of expectations and so forth. So as I am studying up on the next steps, I realize I need to get a business license (I am in Seattle). So here is my...
  8. O

    Whatz up?

    I am new in Houston. However being driving with uber from chicago for a while now. What does it entails to drive uber here in Houston and how is the market like.Your thought please. Thanks.