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  1. Sawuwaya

    Uber has MOVED the Multi-City Driving Map for Drivers of CT!

    I know I am new to this forum. I thank the creators for this opportunity to vent my frustration out and to find out HOW I can keep track when Uber makes changes to my livelihood, and my ability to make money. I am not always up on what Uber does, wants, can and cannot do. Basically, I want to...
  2. Uber Man Boston

    $40/hr GUARANTEED HOURS Gross Fares Boston = $32

    I am new to this blog so here is my first post: —I got this invitation from uber saying "$40 bucks an hour" and I went out thinking "I am going to make $80 bucks for 2 hours of driving" but miss the "gross Fare" part. At the end I only made $64 because Uber takes 20% commission from those $80...