new drivers

  1. johnydynamic

    Government shut-down = more drivers?

    If this government shut-down drags on, I bet we’ll see a large influx of new drivers. Particularly in towns with significant government presence, eg DC. A quick internet search indicates that the number of federal employees furloughed may be as many as 800,000. If only 10% start driving...
  2. Belisaurius

    No more Amazon Flex in Jacksonville?

    I was attempting to sign up for Amazon Flex here in Jax, but I am told by the “Get Started” site that there are no openings or opportunities in my area (Jacksonville), and that I have to get on a waiting list, yet there are Jax drivers actively participating in the Flex forums talkinf about...
  3. Malaru

    Pulling the stickers off 2,000 trips later.

    (Part 1 of 2) My time as a 'full time Uber driver' is coming to an end soon as I start a new job on Tuesday; but I wanted to expand on having done this Uber driving thing. A smart, successful man once said “If you want a real education, finish a four-year degree then go drive a taxi for six...
  4. RedoBeach

    Who's on 18th?

    You left your car in the middle of the single lane blocking traffic while you ran into get pizza when there was a full car length space available immediately next to you. DONT BE SUCH A @@@@@@.
  5. Caliguluber

    Disappointed in this forum

    Hi everyone, this site was recommended to me by another driver but having taking a look so far I'm unimpressed. I'm finding it hard to find any useful information. Anything helpful seems to be obscured by political rants, juvenile attempts to be witty or threads so absurd they could only be fake...
  6. R

    Surge and BIG MOUTH drivers

    In light of the new area that has been surging lately, why would come on here and let the cat out of the bag? I mean its not a big secret anyway (except for what times its likely to surge) but can we please let the scary a$$ drivers who stereotype everything west and south of 20 stay their scary...
  7. Whitney P.

    New Driver's Information Thread

    Hello- I am in the process of signing up to driver for Uber. I am currently just awaiting the background check to be finalized. However, in one section of Uber it showed that the vehicle inspection was optional for Salt Lake City, but when you are looking in the documents sections it is showing...
  8. Toonces-the-cat

    Why Not Just Retain the Good Drivers

    Uber spends a lot of money to hire new drivers. Wouldn't it be cheaper to pay a fair wage and retain the good drivers? It gets harder and harder to get behind the wheel when I realize that I am barely making enough money to pay my expenses.
  9. S

    Wait Times for Pings = Joke

    Uber should advertise in their marketing for new drivers that "drivers will have the opportunity to waste time, money and gas driving "during peak times" in "peak areas" for 30 minutes or more waiting for a ping/ride-request. - - What a joke!!!
  10. Charlie Schwartz

    How long for TLC license in mail?

    I've been waiting for over 2 weeks since my status changed to "approved - license issued".
  11. Charlie Schwartz

    Uber new drivers incentives - need help

    How many hours is 65 trips? (not sure if it counts pool as two) Assume a semi-normal schedule, that is: working the same hours every day, 5 days a week (for my purposes, Sunday can be one of those days), and a break of no more than one hour in the middle of the day, but the hours can be in the...
  12. Charlie Schwartz

    Free car rentals - Lyft vs. Uber for new drivers

    Short version: can I opt out of Uber's PAYMENT DEDUCTION AUTHORIZATION AGREEMENT after two weeks? Long version: I plan to enter the uber driver business in early November and am trying to decide whether to start with Lyft, then take advantage of the $500 bonus for switching from Lyft to Uber...
  13. R

    New drivers should know

    Hi All, I have been driving uber for a period of time and thought that I should give a fair insight of the dark corners new drivers should know before taking the plunge. 1. Incentives. I was very motivated when I first started out with uber. I did my fair share of calculations and my daily...
  14. UberReallySucks

    Uber will give you more than 7 grand for 10 ants

    Take advantage of your limited-time referral offer this month! Remember, you'll take home a little extra for every friend you invite to drive with Uber. Refer more, earn more: 1st Referral $550 2nd Referral $600 3rd Referral $650 4th - 10th Referral $750 (each) That means you could earn up to...
  15. Uberdriver_Orlando

    Disney area FIFO!

    To all the drivers that work the Disney area! When you are at the Magic kingdom pick area, stop blocking the parked drivers. This is so foolish because it's not going to get you a ride any sooner. You are really making us all look stupid and unprofessional. You are also making it difficult to...
  16. VeeVeeB

    Best time of day to drive & surge pricing

    Hi everyone. I'm new to uber. I started today, driving part-time in the Avondale-Goodyear area. I'm not really sure when the best time Is to begin my shift. This morning sucked! Also, I keep hearing about surge pricing. Is there some way to know when this happens? Being offline, does the app...
  17. QLDUberDriver

    Uber pushing for more drivers with new mailout to homes.

    Got this in the mail south side. How do you keep pushing for drivers when the market is smaller than other main cities and demand isnt that high. Lets not forget the new lockout laws which will mean more drivers available per metre for the $6 fair to grab some ciggies. :( The population isnt...
  18. U

    Stop falling for the Hourly Guaranteed Scam!!

    I see so many drivers rushing over to an area because they were sent a notification for guarantees. Stop falling for it people. You should know from the beginning Uber is being deceptive when you see their guarantees are in 'gross fares'. They're inflating the number so it looks better and it...
  19. nooberdriver

    seattle peak hours? help a newbie out?

    Hey folks, So I've been driving with Uber since around January and so far, I'm not having the best luck with the hours I'm working. I have a completely open schedule and would appreciate any tips/pointers on what are the best hours (and possibly areas) to drive. Ideally I would like to make...
  20. Boston Rides

    Risky operating in Boston/Logan?

    Hi Drivers I'm researching rideshare in Boston area; Does anyone have information or personal experience on receiving tickets from Boston PD for operating an illegal taxi service (aka Uber/Lyft drivers)? Media impression in Boston makes ride share not only risky but partially illegal. Looking...