new driver tips

  1. S

    Please reply if you have a day job

    Hello All, I am really interested in becoming a uber driver. I Currently live in Northbrook and work in the Woodfield area. I work a 9-5 job Monday to Friday and I am looking to make some extra side cash and wanted to get advice/feedback on individuals like myself who work during the day but do...
  2. stormyweather

    New Driver Problems

    Hello Everyone, I just started diving for Uber last week. I haven't really recorded anything for tax purposes, but I know that I have to do so! I have a full-time job as a private school teacher (W-2) earnings ad then will have my Uber self-employment earnings to claim come next April 2018...
  3. KitKatDrives

    Potential Driver in Sacramento

    Hi everyone. I am thinking of starting to be a contractor with Uber in Sacramento, CA. I wanted to get a round about idea on how much Sac area drivers get paid. I know it depends on us...but I am mainly look at the hours vs. the pay. I have been reading up that Uber takes 28% of the total...
  4. catmom788

    New here - Opinions on joining Lyft

    Hi Twin Cities! I'm new here but I have been browsing the forums for a couple months. I know that when others have posted about "should I do it?" it's usually fairly negative, but let me lay out my reasons why I'm thinking this would be a viable PT job and please let me know what your advice...
  5. U

    Stop falling for the Hourly Guaranteed Scam!!

    I see so many drivers rushing over to an area because they were sent a notification for guarantees. Stop falling for it people. You should know from the beginning Uber is being deceptive when you see their guarantees are in 'gross fares'. They're inflating the number so it looks better and it...
  6. helloitzme

    Best Busch Stadium Pickup spot

    Hi - I'm a newbie and have been working the Cardinals games both dropping off and after games. The cabs seem to have the best pickup spot (taxi lane) on Broadway. Is there an ideal spot to instruct pax to be for easy pickup? I've been using Clark and 8th, but the traffic is maddening. Doubling...