new driver help

  1. Nnichols

    Contacting uber

    I want to drive.the online method not in san diego.where is there office?san francisco had a place to sign up. Thank you , Nnichols
  2. S

    Please reply if you have a day job

    Hello All, I am really interested in becoming a uber driver. I Currently live in Northbrook and work in the Woodfield area. I work a 9-5 job Monday to Friday and I am looking to make some extra side cash and wanted to get advice/feedback on individuals like myself who work during the day but do...
  3. mikocharnel

    Need help with new driver registration

    Good morning everyone. I need help from Philadelphia area local Uber manager to help with approval of my driver and vehicle registration. Please, send me PM with contact information to do it ASAP. Thank you for your help
  4. Sonja Crocker

    New Uber Driver in Fort Worth

    Hello everyone! I am new and have yet to have my first drive. I actually live about 25 miles northwest of Fort Worth. I know I will have to make a trek to get a ride. Does anyone out there have any advice about where and when I should make that first drive? Also, what extras do you provide? I...
  5. V

    New Uber driver help !

    Hello , I'm new to the Uber world! Unfortunately I can't get into any rentals. So I decided to just finance my car , I went to a dealership was looking at this Accord SE , I was told to just buy the car and have everything under my name (said the TLC Insurance broker ) . I'm getting ready to...
  6. UberxGTA

    New driver blues....

    For the New Drivers out there.... What are your most frustrating things about driving for Uber now? Are you earning the pay you expected from Uber?
  7. bosborn415

    Uber Driver Invite Codes

    Hi everyone! I am new to the driver invite promo and could use some advise on where I can post it that's not going to cost an arm and a leg. I did some advertising on facebook but that can get rather pricey since I only got one acceptance out of over 2,000 views! Can anyone give some suggestions?
  8. ChrisRap

    4.67 Rating After My First 12 Fares

    Hello, I was hoping that someone could give me insight into this. I'm a new Uber driver and I thought every trip went really well. I don't really know what I did wrong - am I just unlucky? There were no complaints at all in the car while I was driving. There are no comments or anything for me...
  9. sanctuary

    New driver - I live in Lake Wales, please advise where to concentrate on and what hours

    Should I base myself at home or go sit in another area? Please advise what hours are productive? Thank you very much for any advise you can give as I will start with Uber in September, the day after labor day.
  10. B

    Questions from a newer driver

    Sorry to post this, but I cannot for the life of me find these answers anywhere and Uber support has not answered me either. With the recent ticketing going on... Do I need commercial insurance or a commercial licence to drive for Uber in St. Louis? This info is not made clear on Uber's website...
  11. KitKatDrives

    Potential Driver in Sacramento

    Hi everyone. I am thinking of starting to be a contractor with Uber in Sacramento, CA. I wanted to get a round about idea on how much Sac area drivers get paid. I know it depends on us...but I am mainly look at the hours vs. the pay. I have been reading up that Uber takes 28% of the total...
  12. U

    Stop falling for the Hourly Guaranteed Scam!!

    I see so many drivers rushing over to an area because they were sent a notification for guarantees. Stop falling for it people. You should know from the beginning Uber is being deceptive when you see their guarantees are in 'gross fares'. They're inflating the number so it looks better and it...
  13. ABNChemo

    Interesting Forum

    Wow this forum is enlightening, last night was my first time driving for Uber and I am just checking it out as a source of additional income. I will try again tonight and see but as I did the numbers it seems the only one making any money is Uber. Most of my fares wound up in the $3 range. I...
  14. L

    New Uber driver

    How do I get hourly guaranties? I thought Uber sent out an email saying higher pay during certain times.
  15. D

    New driver - need guidance

    Hello Toronto Uber community. So I've decided to start Uber as a part time income source. I haven't signed up yet as I'm about to get my new car. I've been hearing all these new regulation policies, and some people say one thing and others say another in terms of the insurance. From what...
  16. Frankieboy

    It's been a month and..

    still my account is on "waitlisted" status. I signed up for uber a month ago! I emailed support and they responded "raiser is still doing there check," it has taken all my patience away!!! My background is clean. Why does it take so long? Any way to speed it up? Just very frustrated!!! Any...
  17. azion1995

    Still waiting for my first ride

    I signed up in Greenville a few weeks back- just before I had to leave town for a trip. I got back, got my car detailed, and now I'm waiting for my first fare. And waiting. And waiting. Any suggestions for a new driver? Thx, -Z
  18. Lilly84

    New driver in GSO with questions... please help?

    Ok, I literally just signed up to do this, today. But before I take my 1st rider, I need to clarify a few things. Any advice would be great! 1. Insurance: When does the Uber insurance start covering me and does it cover all 3 phases of the ride (in NC)? When I call my insurance company, what the...
  19. Lumos_de_Fortuno

    Can you drive for more than one city?

    So I live in Bremerton Washington right now, I'd thought Seattle would be in the same territory, apparently Bremerton is part of Tacoma. So my understanding is you have to be within your region/territory to be able to go online and pickup rides correct? Can you be authorized to drive in more...
  20. MasUber77


    I am thinking of becoming an Uber driver, but before I do, I like to do some research before I jump in. What are some essentials and necessities that I would need to create the best experience possible? What would I need to keep my car in great shape. I heard things like air fresheners, paper...