new driver advise

  1. BrooklynGuy718

    HELP is Insurance Broker Lying?

    My mom (doesn’t drive) has a TLC vehicle that she had a driver and now he’s gone. I’m trying to help her find one OR solve as best as possible. Is broker lying when they advise we cannot rent plate at all? We have to have a driver on policy or we lose insurance and plate? Do we need R/S...
  2. N

    Please help me with the locations in Scarborough to Uber from 7-11pm.

    Hi All, I am a new uber driver and finding it difficult to find busy places to do uber. I start near Scarborough town center. Please advise on where I can go to earn more between 7-11pm. and tell me the best time during wekeends to do uber. Its a new car so hoping i don't get people who would...
  3. MaxL

    New to rideshare

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new to Uber/Lyft and was wondering if anyone would be willing to hop on the phone to chat about their experiences, things they wish they knew, and pro tips. I am looking to drive and I figure this is the place to start. I'm trying to hear from as many people as I can! If...
  4. R

    Moving to Amelia island

    Hello All, My job is relocating me from Chicago to Fernandina Beach. How is Uber/lyft in this area? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Rafael
  5. sabrinarc

    Unemployed Starting UBER

    Hey guys/girls, i recently got unemployed and i even found a new job but dont match my single mother schedule so with no other way to make money at moment i decided to sign up for UBER/LYFT etc... I live in Carrolwood in a very busy area i plan to leave my son at school and work as a regular Job...
  6. EverydayHustle

    No notifications for long distance drop offs?

    I’m a new part-time driver for Uber and Lyft in a suburban area about 45 minutes away from the nearest big city. The 50 trips I’ve given have mainly been short ones, under 15 miles, around town. I’m cool with that. On Thursday, I received my first Uber ping with a “long distance 45+”...
  7. EddyStone

    Bad Advice

    Whats the worst advice you can give to an Uber driver?
  8. albs

    New To Uber - All Tips Welcome

    Hey all :) Started the process of becoming a Uber X driver in Sydney. I have been a ghost member of this forum and would like to say that all posting members are very helpful. I just wanted to see if there was any tips for someone starting to drive Uber as a fulltime job. Cheers, Albs
  9. S

    Please reply if you have a day job

    Hello All, I am really interested in becoming a uber driver. I Currently live in Northbrook and work in the Woodfield area. I work a 9-5 job Monday to Friday and I am looking to make some extra side cash and wanted to get advice/feedback on individuals like myself who work during the day but do...
  10. S

    New driver needs help

    Hi guys, I am a new bee in Uber world. My documents just got approved and I can see total earning etc. On my profile page. Does this means I am ready to drive now. I have following queries: 1. How do I change if wish to drive in another city? For example if I live in Hamilton and wish to drive...
  11. S

    Newbie advice needed

    So I'm all set to start driving....why am i so nervous??? Uuuggghh taking the first step is so hard. I really just have one question and i know it sounds ridiculous but is it ok to listen to the GPS thru my radio?? Thanx in advance...
  12. Jennifrmarie

    How is this worth it..

    It was my first day driving today trying to get that guarantee (even though it doesn't show up in my promotions). I went online at 630 and gave a dude a 10 dollar ride to the airport. I drove all the way back towards i20 off of 75/85n to get my second ping off of Moreland ave and gave a dude a...
  13. pizza guy

    Opting out of arbitration

    When I first signed up this message was everywhere. Obt out of arbitration. A simple Internet search or search of old threads will tell you how. Kind of sad that I'm one of the longest active members here. If anyone is interested in making a difference there should be a link on my profile page.
  14. Traciee

    Driving in Lynchburg or do I make the trip & drive in Roanoke on weekends (I barely know the area)

    Maybe this seems like an odd request/question -- I have never cancelled/denied one trip -- drove and have 4.57 rating -- don't even begin to understand why ?? I have 24 - 5 Starctrips with one written *Brag* compliment stating 'I rock!' I am never late -- keep H2o in my car car is a 2014 Mazda...
  15. V

    New Uber driver help !

    Hello , I'm new to the Uber world! Unfortunately I can't get into any rentals. So I decided to just finance my car , I went to a dealership was looking at this Accord SE , I was told to just buy the car and have everything under my name (said the TLC Insurance broker ) . I'm getting ready to...
  16. NRK

    Opinion on driving with personal friend in front seat?

    Hi everyone, I am brand new to driving. I am a young woman driving downtown Milwaukee. Milwaukee's crime rate has been increasing drastically within the past couple of years. Shootings nearly every week, robberies, carjackings and more. What are your opinions on drivers having someone ride...
  17. NvisblMan

    New Driver - Wow! what a start

    Just for the heck of it, I decided to start driving for Uber, here are some of my takeaways.......... *Gonna be very hard to make any money at this, On my very first night, I picked up 5 rides in 2 1/2 hours logged on and only made $42.00 before gas, taxes....... *My second ride of my Uber...
  18. UB1BNoBe

    New St. Charles Uber driver

    I'm a new Uber driver and live in St. Charles. Do I have to be out of St. Charles to receive any assignments or "pings?"