new car deal

  1. T

    Buying a car for Uber Select & Uber XL

    Hello everyone, I am looking to buy a new car to drive for Uber, preferably something that would fit both Uber Select and UberXL. There are a couple of SUVs with a pair of extra seats in the back that would fit both categories perfectly, but I would also like to get your opinion on this. Which...
  2. Ridesharecares777

    Uber Financing?? Clearbanc loans?? Any luck?

    Hello Uber family.. I joined uber a little over a month ago. Phoenix did not have the xchange program yet.. so I opted for a "leasing" company for 325 a week. It took uber 2 weeks I get me cleared. Joining also with postmates, veyo and lyft.. after finally getting the hang of it And actually...
  3. RezRock

    Uber lease

    Anyone leasing a car via the uber lease program?
  4. Bobby Flay

    New Car for Select

    You guys think I should buy this car for an upgrade to select driving?
  5. H

    Uber Xchange issues.PLEASE READ IF YOU ARE LEASING.

    Yesterday I went to have my car serviced and found out through my Honda (the Mall of GA location in Buford GA) that Uber Leasing had not paid my note in 3 whole months. I had to pay for my car servicing out of pocket. And if you have a leased car with Uber. You know that you are able to have...
  6. iRideShareDC

    UberPeople Sponsors iRideShareDC -- Leasing New RideShare Cars (Best Deals)

    Dear UberPeople community, Before reading this, we want to make it clear that your feedback on our startup is extremely valuable and important to us so please, after reading this, send us a message and let us know your thoughts! We are iRideShareDC, a Washington, D.C. based company and our...
  7. T

    New Car Deals?

    Has anyone heard of any dealerships or online sales spots that offer new car discounts to Uber drivers?