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  1. U

    Express pool is here

    From Uber: Drivers have been asking when rates will go up. With express pool, you can get more rides and pickups in less time. What they are telling riders: No need to tip, as your low fare includes a tip that is split among all the other riders in the car (the additional pickup fee)
  2. O

    Nevada- to limit drivers to 16hour days per 24 period

    Just received this email today, looks like there will be a time online limit, this will really hurt the tweekers and speed freaks. Also this rule applies to all apps, not sure how anyone can monitor, unless states will have access to live driver "time online" updates.
  3. beezlewaxin

    Lyft Outage, Sat Night (16-Sept)

    Anyone know when this downtime started and for how long it lasted?
  4. Vikiing0

    Amazon flex (las vegas or boulder junction) april/2017

    So I am about to start with Amazon Flex, so which one is better for making more money? Las Vegas or the boulder junction? and why? as far as I know one is only 4 hours a day the other in unlimited hours but which one can I make more money ? If anyone can help with some info will be gratefully...
  5. Vegas E

    Petition to Abolish the TA

    We, the undersigned do hearby demand an immediate, effective and complete investigation into the actions and policies of the Nevada Taxicab Authority by the United States Department of Justice and the Federal Fair Trade Commission. Nevada Taxicab Authority officials and officers have abused...
  6. TomInVegas

    NV Legislature Report on Corrupt Taxi Industry (LINK!)

  7. Michael - Cleveland

    Farmers Insurance Launches New Rideshare Coverage in 7 States

    Farmers Insurance Launches New Rideshare Coverage in 7 States http://www.insurancejournal.com/news/national/2016/01/05/393820.htm Farmers has introduced a new Rideshare Insurance Coverage designed to make rideshare insurance coverage options available for ride-hailing drivers in Arizona...
  8. J

    Vegas Driver Tax ???

    Since Nevada doesn't have income tax, what can an Uber driver expect to pay in taxes driving in Las Vegas? Does anyone know from experience?
  9. UberNorthStar

    Do You Carry a Hard Copy of Uber Insurance?

    Nevermind that you can find it on your cell phone. Carry a hard copy of Uber's liability insurance in your glove compartment. https://uber-regulatory-documents.s3.amazonaws.com/insurance/COIs/NV.pdf In the event of an accident while "Ubering" it is easier to pull this out, and the PD may want...