1. Antquisha

    Any cool female drivers in North Jersey?

    I'm 35. I have a business I run from home. Home is in the boonies of Sussex county near Warwick, NY. I do rideshare in-between and that's my only socialization time with non-family. It will be nice to exchange ideas and horror ride stories with someone. :biggrin:
  2. BeantownSid

    [App] Map of 4G LTE dead zones & green zones (latency monitor)

    Hi all, I am the developer/creator of an Android app called "Drive 4G" which shows crowd-sourced speed maps for 4G LTE in your city. It's like Waze, but for network quality in neighbourhoods. If you believe the city where you drive in has flaky 4G LTE or 3G , OR localized congestion often...
  3. UberBostonian79

    Greetings from a Bostonian Driver ... with accent ... :-)

    Hey everyone, Its a pleasure to be joining the Uber forum. So far I have been on the road over a year serving the Boston area. I drive around in a 2007 Toyota RAV4 making the mark of over 170,000 miles. I am a full time Network Administrator for a local school district and the side hussle of...
  4. D

    Network Error

    Anyone else getting this message when they try to log on. I tried installing a new version and still similar error. Also the client app is showing a similar message, can't reach the uber network
  5. KD_LA

    Lyft app loses connection after a phone call?

    I don't often get a passenger calling me while I'm on the way to pickup after a ping, but, out of the few times they do call me, most of the time the Lyft app seems to lose network connection and turns into a vegetable no matter what. Symptom: after the call ends and I arrive, I tap pickup but...
  6. Nightrider_73

    App/Network issues?

    Over the past 3 days I’ve been having problems with the driver app, similar to those a bunch of drivers seemed to have at the start of September: app takes ages to open, sometimes taking about 5 minutes to go online, and after I finish a ride I can’t complete it without rebooting the phone and...
  7. soTuga

    Phone contract 2017, what is the best network/deal?

    Hey Guys, I've been using Three for some years now, it was very good until about 7/8 months ago, now it's very patchy everywhere, so bad that I have no network signal at home, time for something new. I'm looking mainly for 20gb of data with hotspot to be allowed to my other devices, minutes and...
  8. BeantownSid

    Seek your input: an app to spot no-data zones + alarm on 4G outage?

    Fine folks of Beantown, I am planning to develop an app for Android smartphones that would help folks quickly find the nearest "green zones" and "red zones" as far as data connectivity go. Would that be useful to you personally: enough to pay (say) $10 per month for real-time actionable...
  9. Kjfeathers

    Network error

    I got all my paperwork in, app ready and I get network issues. I turned off wifi and have data on. I want to drive but cannot get these network issues figured out myself. I have an iPhone. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. S

    Network error

    I was trying to set up a ride but the app signed me out now every time I try to login it says network error eventhough I have full service. I tried a hard restart, deleting the app and reinstalling and just turning off the phone. Any solutions?
  11. Holla

    What's up Drivers

    Hello people. Just introducing myself. First day on here.. Been driving Uber x going on two months now. Found the threads really good. So I decided to sign up.
  12. Vanstaal

    Fed Up With Uber And Lyft, Drivers Plan To Launch Competing App
  13. Corder

    Communication app for drivers

    Since Lyft or Uber doesn't have this I've created the following groups on GroupMe App so drivers can communicate while out on the road. (I personally don't do Facebook messenger - hate it). Sometimes it's nice just to say hey or let's meet for the nights stories, or hey I need assistance etc...