need help

  1. Rammmmin

    Ucla parking violation ticket.

    A few weeks ago i was at ucla campus got request so after i accept and drove to pick up location while i was stopping and pax was coming one of parking enforcement small like golf car approached me and took picture while he was passing by ,didn't stop , and now i got this . Anyone ever...
  2. E

    Can I apply earned wages to Instant Pay if I drive during Boost times or Surge areas?

    Hello, I am new to using the instant pay feature: I have two questions and it's regarding a statement made by Uber in its help section under Instant Pay. Uber makes the following statement: "Earnings Boost incentives and high fares under review or fares under review for improper use are not...
  3. Traciee

    Driving in Lynchburg or do I make the trip & drive in Roanoke on weekends (I barely know the area)

    Maybe this seems like an odd request/question -- I have never cancelled/denied one trip -- drove and have 4.57 rating -- don't even begin to understand why ?? I have 24 - 5 Starctrips with one written *Brag* compliment stating 'I rock!' I am never late -- keep H2o in my car car is a 2014 Mazda...
  4. C

    New driver in Need of Advice

    I very recently became a new driver in Chico California. The market starting here about a month ago combined with low gas prices, driving a 2005 Honda civic Manual, I felt like the demand was worth it. Even with these advantages, from what I hear from other UberX drivers, makes me hesitant...
  5. C

    Newbie that is befuddled

    Signed up this week and went out for my first night on Wednesday. I live in faurfax and decided to drive towardsvatlington. I left the house at 7 and stayed out until 10pm with no hits. I went out Thursday night this time a little later and still no hits. I left the house and drove towards...
  6. FilmStudentTO

    Need individual for Uber vs. Taxi Documentary

    Hi, I am a film student at Ryerson and I'm making a documentary about the whole dilemma with Uber and the Taxi industry here in Toronto. I am looking for someone or the name of someone who is a Taxi driver and a Uber driver or a Taxi driver who quite to become a full time Uber driver. I'm trying...