1. Bunker

    Latest Uber nav audio kills Siri and music

    I updated to the latest version (4.235.10002) of the iOS Uber Driver app recently. Now, once I receive a navigation audio command, Hey Siri stops working and any music that I was playing is terminated. It may not be specific to my phone model, but I have an iPhone XR. I have tried quitting and...
  2. Clarity

    When pax with disabilities are abusive.

    I had something pretty shitty happen while ridesharing the other night and would like some feedback on the situation. I picked up two young male passengers, and one appeared to be "special needs" seeming both physically and mentally disabled. As he was walking to my car he was walking really...
  3. RightTurnOnRed

    Which navigation system do you use with Uber ?

    I recently completed a trip using Ubers in app navigation . I noticed that the riders detail says I drove 20.28 miles but Google maps says the trip is 23 miles. Same route point to point. ?
  4. whyamikeenan

    How does Waze receive destination info?

    Does anybody know how Uber Driver gives the destination info to Waze? Like, does Uber Driver give it the address vs. the latitude & longitude vs. the name of the place?
  5. Kerux

    Uber Navigation Problems

    It seems like every 3rd to 4th trip the Uber navigation takes me to a wrong location. Either it takes me to a wrong house number or a location a half-mile through-the-woods away. This happens with both Google Maps and the native Uber navigation app. (My phone's navigation works correctly with...
  6. EJ974

    Navigation voice commands

    how to mute them?
  7. Kurt Halfyard

    IOS12 - Google Maps & Uber/Lyft Apps

    To iPhone users out there that have upgraded to IOS12: With Tuesday's OS update, Apple finally has allowed 3rd party nav-software to display on CARPLAY enabled cars. Before you were restricted to APPLE MAPS only. Currently GOOGLE MAPS now works on the display and WAZE should arrive very...
  8. Muchado

    Uber Sat Nav Not Working Right?

    I found that the sat nav on the Uber App wasn't working correctly this morning. Has anyone else experienced this?
  9. Osaka88

    Navigation Error / How to report bugs/problems in Uber app

    Hello ant people. Last night I had a trip that the app began to calculate the route to and then basically gave up. Luckily it was to a well known place not far from me but I still don't see why it refused to re-attempt to navigate. I had full signal strength and the GPS was more than capable of...
  10. A

    Atlanta events, surge, boost....

    It seems ridiculously rare to actually get these rate bumps. Not at designated rideshare pickup after the game, at the designated time..... Not in designated boost area at designated times. Watching my time and miles... Learned to never request fare adjustment for rider...
  11. Marco Solo

    Can we be deactivated for taking longer routes?

    Some drivers use Waze to identify the shortest, longest and in-between routes to their dropoffs. Taking a route other than what Boober recommends can be an effective tactic for more earnings. (The pax pay the same flat, upfront cost, regardless of the time we take & distance we cover.) However...
  12. JcUberDriverMtl

    Uber Navigation

    Does anyone know why I don't get street names in Uber Navigation? I used to get them in December 2017. I no longer get them. For example, the app says: in 200 meters turn left but it does not say: In 200 Meters turn left on 34th street. It doesn't call out the name of the street to turn on. I'm...
  13. MHR

    Blame it on the Solar Flares Cool, in addition to blaming the Uber/Lyft apps for any pick-up or drop-off woes I can also toss some blame onto the solar flares. Solar Storm TOMORROW: What time will...
  14. IERide

    Does anyone actually use the Uber Nav?

    I’ve been using GoogleMaps for navigation but i dont like the way i can’t (easily) see rider-info when i get a stacked-ping request when using GMaps so i’ve been thinking about using the Uber Nav.. So the other day, while using Gmaps, I happened to switch to the Uber app and see the Uber nav...
  15. M

    Google vs Waze for Lyft

    Hello, I just starting driving for Lyft a few weeks ago. I've been using Waze for navigation, but I'm not entirely happy with it. Quite often it will tell you to turn at the last moment, leaving no time to make the turn due to traffic. I'm also would like notice of which side of the street...
  16. Mims Athome

    Lyft Amp, bluetooth, navigation and audio

    I have a Nexus 5X and I drive a 2016 Honda Fit. When I’m in the car I can’t hear the navigation instructions if I have bluetooth turned on. So I never use bluetooth when I’m working because I won’t hear navigation. However, the Lyft Amp requires bluetooth. The 2016 Honda Fit does not support...
  17. Uber's Guber

    How do I adjust volume independently between Pandora and Uber Navigation?

    I can’t hear the navigational turn by turn instructions when operating the Pandora app that’s offered on the Uber navigation app. The loudness of the music overpowers the voice commands. I’m using an iPhone 6. Is there a way to adjust the two volumes independently of each other?

    Navigation Update & Suggestion

    Happy Thursday all.. I wanted to see if you all have seen or experienced what I have re: google maps (Lyft) and Uber Nav. This week after having both google and uber totally spin me around with their latest updates, I finally made the permanent switch to Waze. I have found google to be very...
  19. NRVUber

    Jerk riders and navigation

    Rider demanded I pick her up on a road closed because of a Virginia Tech football game. Same day, another rider pinged me to 1103 Some Street when she was at 1311 Some Avenue! Then asked me if this was my first drive (no) and how long had I been driving (9 months and 1,200 trips)! Got tagged...
  20. R

    Can we use the Uber app to navigate to a certain location?

    I am trying to figure out the best way to handle the situation where I want to go to a preferred location but still want to be open to take any ride requests no matter if they fall on my way or not. I know there is this option of choosing a location inside the App which limits the rides and you...