nation wide strike

  1. OrlUberOffDriver

    Strike to the next Level

    Take it to the next level by changing your name(First Name) in both U/L Pax App to “Drivers Strike Today” Then, Wednesday start requesting and canceling within the 2 minutes. Let’s send a message to those that may not have heard and/or opt to drive.
  2. OrlUberOffDriver

    Uber/Lyft Work Stoppage...

    Needs to go nationwide.
  3. Archie8616

    Nationwide Uber Strike 10/16 through 10/18! You can do it Colorado!

    There is a national Uber strike in the works and Colorado Uber drivers for sure need to support our fellow National Uber Drivers all across the United States. Even drivers in Canada are coordinating their strike to coincide with ours. I'll passively strike. I usually work the weekends, and I...