1. ZenUber

    Tonight I picked up doo doo. Wasn’t as bad as I thought.

    See for yourself.
  2. Lissetti

    Dear Television News Reporters,

    Spreading misinformation is not helping (Rider safety.) This morning as I was getting ready for work, I was watching my local news broadcast in Seattle Washington, Local Q13 News. I'm very fond of this news affiliate and watch it daily. Their local reporters are likable, intelligent, and...
  3. Robert Villa

    Pax Demon Child

    So I got a ping for Demon Child. Almost didn't accept. It was only a few minutes away so I thought at least I would go and check out the pax. If it did look like a demon, whatever that is, I would cancel. Turns out she was a nice sweet girl, at least in my short experience. What's interesting...
  4. Mista T

    Pax discrimination of driver name/pic

    Had this person cancel on me 3x in a row. The cancels were immediate. Requests spaced 5-7 min apart. At first I thought it was Lyft just giving it to another driver. But now I'm thinking the pax didn't like my pic or name. My Lyft rating 4.9. Thoughts?
  5. Bozewoman

    NAME of place, not just address

    New driver here... I don't know if this is an Uber complaint or a Rider complaint. I'll get a call to pick up someone at 123 X Street. I get to the general area and learn that it's going to be a business and SO MANY businesses don't have their address on their building. My complaint is that...
  6. UberSchmuber

    Best Pax Name EVER!!

    Had to share this one! I covered the pax's face and changed the pickup address to protect his privacy. Is this the Asian version of Don Juan?
  7. Missmira1122

    Can we just talk about.....

    I got a divorce earlier this year. When I signed on with Uber I signed up with my maiden name because I changed it back after the divorce. With the exception of my registration, all my paperwork is in my maiden name (license, insurance, motor vehicle registry itself [I didn't feel like paying...
  8. P

    Woman gives birth in Uber car. Names child Uber A Woman in India Gave Birth in an Uber, So Guess What She Called Her Baby? Rishi Iyengar @Iyengarish 2:18 AM ET name her newborn son Uber after giving birth to him in one of the ride-sharing company’s taxis in New Delhi en route to the...