1. ZenUber

    Philadelphia Naked Bike Race

    I’m driving down Ben Franklin Parkway with a couple pax in the back. I see a couple hundred bike riders coming the other way. I say, “oh, a bike marathon.” And then I notice they’re not wearing shirts, and then a penis, and then boobs. I said “they’re not wearing any clothes!” Guy in the back...
  2. UberBeemer

    Breast feeding in Uber

    Well kinda. Got into a debate on the topic of breastfeeding in an Uber. What are your thoughts? Her point: I had a pervert creeping on me while i was breastfeeding in my Uber. The driver kept staring. He is a pig, and i complained to get a refund. I should be able to feed my baby wherever and...
  3. Tenzo

    Sometime you just cant get an Uber driver in time to take you to the beach.

    Somtimes you just need to get to the beach for a swim. #DontJudgeMe!