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myrtle beach

  1. KellyC

    Uber cars so close together it looks like they're humping

    on the rider app. Everywhere I go. This is ridiculous.
  2. KellyC

    Soooo, does anyone plan to drive in Myrtle Beach on Memorial Day weekend?

    Just curious. Last time I went to MB on that weekend (2 years ago) it took a couple of hours to go a few blocks.
  3. ZeldaMc

    Uber Myrtle Beach Hot Spots Density Map

  4. PlainJaneX

    Car Wash

    Heads up Derricks Carwash is offering Unlimited Carwash Pass for a limited time. I got mine from the Socastee location. The passes are charged monthly to your credit card.
  5. S

    Best times/Days to drive in Myrtle Beach?

    Obviously Friday night and Saturday night are good times. But during the week I'm having trouble figuring out when and where are the best times to drive? Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. Blaise Barnes

    Myrtle Beach Area

    Thinking of moving to Myrtle Beach area. I'm actually having fun driving in No. Virginia area making a few dollars extra. My question is how is business in MB and is daytime OK or is it just evenings. Thanks