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  1. Maven

    Themed Rides (Poll)

    Please vote in the Poll. Has anybody ever done this? If so, still continue today? If a consumer is looking for a friendly ride with social interaction, then Lyft is the company to choose. Lyft riders are encourage to sit in the front seat, interact with the driver, and basically have a very...
  2. Manotas

    Is this thing replacing the glowing pink stash?

    Has anyone been on the Lyft site lately? https://www.lyft.com/ Is that thing on the login page going to replace the glowing pink mustache?
  3. U

    Anti Taxi Stickers

    Who is interested in buying an "Anti Taxi" car sticker? Will have the "U" logo, Uber, Lyft, or Lyft mustache. Stickers will be 5.9 by 4.13. Will like to get an inquire before sending out an order.
  4. Libertyfare

    Has anyone earned the pink stash dash light yet?

  5. MikesUber

    Lyft Discontinuing Glostache for "Something More Exciting"

    Source: http://thehub.lyft.com/blog/2016/5/23/last-call-for-glowstaches-until-the-next-generation?utm_medium=Email&utm_source=ExactTarget&utm_campaign=83052970 Last Call for Glowstaches, Until the Next Generation May 23, 2016 After painting the nation pink for nearly two years — and...
  6. MikesUber

    Lyft Glostache: How long for shipping?

    Hello All, How long does it take to receive your Lyft glostache in the mail once you've entered your shipping information into Lyft's email? I'm a little impatient :eek: Thanks!