1. soTuga

    Online hours and working time Quiz.

    Yesterday I noticed again that there's something wrong how uber calculates our driving/online time. Everyday my car sets the starting time when I start my shift.. I had 2hrs 50 min on my clock - on the Uber app it was 3hr. 11min online.. I know what happened but want to ask you guys, your...
  2. Twocrunk4u

    DFW to Oklahoma

    If I take a rider from Texas to Oklahoma can I pick up customers in Oklahoma where Uber is available? I've been able to sign on in Oklahoma City being a driver in Texas only. I didn't do any pick ups or get a request when I was signed in for only a few moments. I have heard of drivers taking...
  3. Maven

    Passing on Pings

    If you are running one or more Apps in addition to Uber, like Lyft, Grubhub, etc. then how do you decide, when a ping comes in, to pass, hoping for a better ping soon? Perhaps it's too far away or there's a surge on. What works for you?
  4. MulletMan

    Tablet setup with multiple phones and gps...too much technology?

    My setup, what do you think, I am fully prepared to be chastised ;)
  5. F

    UberPool Multiple Legs 2, 3? Affecting my Acceptance Rate

    Does anyone know the maximum amount of uber pool riders / legs at one time? I have 2 separate Uber Pool Riders in my vehicle and I get pinged to pick up a 3rd rider when I haven't even finished with the first.. I have to decline the 3rd ride and it's causing my acceptance rate to go down. I...