1. BurgerTiime

    Nobody should be taking passengers via Hiawatha

    With Uber’s new “pay rates” they’ll be taking a heck of a lot more when you take Hiawatha. Anywhere from 5-20% and over the long run this will cost you dearly. So maximize you pay and take 35w EVERY TIME! When you’re solo of course take the less traffic way but even with traffic take passengers...
  2. Dronevangelist

    MSP Airport Que Uber Lyft Competition

    I am a new driver for the past two weeks and like going to the airport because I always meet interesting passengers. I am trying to figure out a strategy to get the quickest pick up for a passenger at the airport. Today I what is near the airport so I decided to go into the queue and realized...
  3. Ketsy87

    Amazon flex

    So I was not aware that the Eagan location was just regular deliveries, so you do not get tips. Anyone else work for the Eagan center and have some tips for me? Should I try and get transferred to st. Paul so I can get the prime now deliveries? The flex app crashed on me when scanning packages...
  4. BurgerTiime

    Airport MESS!

    What a joke. 25 min get into the pickup area. Nice job landslide operations NOT!
  5. DougScrib

    Is advanced scheduling available in Minneapolis yet?

    I need a ride to Terminal 1 tomorrow morning at 4:45am 2-21-17 Yikes! Everything on line is saying I should see a clock next to the Where To icon in the app...but it's not there. 1. is this possible. 2. anyone want this ride?
  6. AwesomeUber

    Just got a ticket at MSP airport and worried

    Hello all, Im new with Uber and after dropping someone off and stoped by the SA by msp. An aiport cop pulled me over saying I turned on red and gave me a ticket for not obeying the no turn on red sign. I only have on other violation on my record from along time ago. My question is , should I...
  7. Stygge

    Guarantees are back

    I didn't drive last weekend and did not get a statement. Were guarantees really gone? Well, now they are back for the weekend at least. Now including Thursday night and higher rate Friday night. (valid only for drivers who got the e-mail) MARCH 17-19 GUARANTEES Here are the details Guarantee...