1. LAboy

    UberEats is Dying. hahaha

    i stopped doing UE for a while now, i have been doing grubhub only. and uber wont stop emailling me about all kind of crappy promos. i cant do it anymore its just not paying good, 3$ for a trip are you serious haha doordash and grubhub are takin over the game. i love Uber and their fast...
  2. LAboy


    HELLO whats up guys who the hell picks up food from malls or food courts like the one in century city the wesfield mall. i did it few times i regretted it, with ubereats not even a tip, with doordash i got 7$ not worth it even on a motorcycle. you gotta park go find the elevator, then look for...
  3. LAboy

    Uber Motorcycle, people hate it ?

    so i have been doing ubereats on my motorcycle for the past few month, i never had an issue with uber but the customer they hate it, i dont get it. in Asia people do that all the time. i have messed up so many pizzas tho then i stopped delivering pizzas haha also drink no. i dont make a lot of...
  4. Maven

    Must Bikes & SDCs Talk for Safety?

    NPR all Tech Considered July 24, 2017 by Margaret J. Krauss Bikes May Have To Talk To Self-Driving Cars For Safety's Sake Anthony Rowe, an associate professor at...
  5. J

    How to carry drinks like milkshakes on a motorbike

    Had my first day of Ubereats today and my first delivery was a single milkshake with a flimsy lid that fell off putting it into the bag. I got a cup holder from the restaurant and I had to try balance that 15 minutes away in the insulated bag on a motorbike over bumpy roads while leaning to turn...