1. Football Hooligan

    Waymo Collision Illustrates Why Society Might Eventually Ban Human Driving

    Forbes, Nov 7, 2018 By David Silver On October 19, a Waymo Pacifica struck and injured a motorcyclist in California. As is often the case, the collision was caused by a human - in this instance, the safety driver in the Waymo vehicle. In an unusual twist, however, Waymo CEO John Krafcik...
  2. Queenslander

    The very human challenge of safe driving

    The very human challenge of safe driving By John Krafcik, CEO Medium - Nov 5 At Waymo, our safety culture is core to everything we do. We have carefully developed our testing program in the past decade and over 10 million miles. Every day, our vehicles are testing in our private test facility...
  3. Uber Eats Scoot

    Motorcyclist in Dunedin, New Zealand

    Hi folks, I'm a motorcyclist doing Uber Eats in Dunedin (a student town, population 130k), since it started in May 2018 (our winter). I've gone from a starting average of NZ$18 per online hour to now about NZ$35 per online hour. But I seem to be the only motorcyclist here. There were a couple...
  4. R

    Can't use a motorcycle for UberEATS?

    Will be getting a small displacement motorcycle soon, like 150cc and 85mpg so it's barely freeway legal, but checking the site Uber doesn't give the option of motorcycle and only wants scooters less than 50cc. Does this actually mean I wouldn't be able to use the motorbike? If anyone does...
  5. LAboy

    Uber Taxi on Motorcycle

    Recently i have been receiving pings to pick up people instead of food haha They must have made a mistake in the system, i do UberEats. So i said why not give it a go, one dude agreed to take a ride on my back seat haha without a helmet, funny thing i got paid for that. I wish i can do this...
  6. LAboy

    Customers use UberEats for Pizza , no tip, cheaper delivery

    People take advantage of UberEats and screw its drivers like me. Recently i have beem getting many pizza orders, and so far no one tipped, when i asked one guy, he told its cheaper than ordering from a pizza place directly because the delivery fee is lower and they never tip the delivery driver...
  7. LAboy

    Canceled infront of a Customer, UberEATS

    So, last night i picked up two orders from a restaurants, i am on a motorcycle, when i am on the road there is no way to answer the phone, the second customer keeps on calling me and sending me rude texts, acting tough, i believe because he saw my profile pic i look like a young weak white boy...
  8. LAboy

    Having Fun, UberEATS motorcycle

    So ever since i switched to my motorcycle instead of the Bicycle, i am having fun with the deliveries, i drag race, i go everywhere from dtla to Malibu to the valley to the hood haha So customers don't really upset me now and Uber loves me more now cuz i deliver quicker lol the only issue i...
  9. Redhurricane


    Anyone else here ride a motorcycle? Not for uber obviously.
  10. A

    Motorcycle owners in Philly

    Which Uber people have their own motorcycles in Philly? Do you use it to get around town?
  11. J

    DMV Problems @Enterprise updating records for Uber

    So here's the story. I received a call that my CDL has recently expired and I needed to get my renewal on file. My renewal had already been completed in previous weeks. In addition to my renewal I added permits for motorcycle and several other permits for work / heavy vehicles as I am soon to...
  12. Ray L

    Now You Can Get an Uber Motorcycle

    Taken from online Time article; If you're in Bangkok, at least Uber passengers on Thailand have a new way to get around: as of Wednesday, the ride service has added motorcycles to its offerings in Bangkok. The Thai capital marks the first...