1. Nazmul

    When is the best time for first servicing an mot.

    Hi guys I'm a new uber driver please help me out. Thanks Got the car been 4months driver don't know when is best time for servicing an mot due. Any good recommended place in east London would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Fostel

    Where do you fill up with petrol and undergo MOT inspection?

    I am interested in your views about quality of the petrol. Where are you fill up with petrol? Do you have any preferences (e.g. shell, texaco, sainsburys etc.) or you're just choosing the closest, cheapest petrol station. Do you think/know for sure that there are any differences in quality...
  3. R

    Will my car pass PCO MOT inspection with light damage?

    My car is due for PCO inspection in December but I have a dent in my front bumper with a 2 inch hole. Will this still pass the inspection? My car will pass standard MOT but can the PCO inspection fail it based on damage externally?