1. indian

    Any Mortgage possibilities??

    Guys I want to know if any of have had their mortgage approved as Uber driver ? I make £650 to £700 a week plus I deposit £500'extra cash in same bank account to show good income. I have £100K deposit from selling a business before. I want to borrow £200K to my my council house. the actual...
  2. homebuyer

    Getting a mortgage w/ Uber income?

    Hi guys, I'm considering becoming an Uber driver to supplement my income to buy a home in Seattle. Have any of you gone through the mortgage process w/ Uber income? How many have succeeded/failed, and how did your bank look at Uber income if you're full-time vs. part-time? Thanks for your help!
  3. Reno31

    Mortgage for uber drivers

    I have an off topic question guys, I get a va pension I have also been driving for uber in the last 8 months, I was wondering if there were any mortgage lenders willing to work with Self employed uber drivers...I do make around 3k to 4k a month (including my pension). I do appreciate any input