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morons dummies

  1. qiaoxiaopang

    Idiot PAX exits out the vehicle in downtown

    Let me start by saying I'll highly reconsider taking a pool back from Rosemont or any far place thinking there will be no problems. Got a STOOL PAX ping that was headed to downtown after setting DF to downtown. I'm thinking I don't want to eat the miles so I'll give it a try. Got a young female...
  2. CJ21292

    Easily offended pax that love to pull out their phones to escalate the situation

    So today was my first day of driving for Uber so far I had all good Pax except for one that was a total @@@@@. Anyway I go to pick her up she gets in the car now mind you I was playing the 2pac station on pandora (cause todays hip-hop is a joke) and I ask her whats your destination which I ask...
  3. JohnF

    Incorrect Plates

    I renewed my vehicle registration earlier this month. I uploaded the registration to the Uber site (or to Uranus). Today I noticed that they have my Plates incorrect. One of the alphabets (on my plates) has been replaced by a similar sounding alphabet by whoever who updated the docs. Should I...