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  1. D

    Morning Quests

    Uber is giving $25 for 5 trips in the morning. I have not driven for a while, I wonder if that's the reason or to kiil the morning surge. Anyone else get the offer?
  2. D

    surge problem

    here in Atlanta it gets pretty crazy in the morning, surge everywhere it usually makes a great time to make serious money, however today Monday morning the busiest morning of the week, There Was No surge anywhere for 4 hours of morning commute. what makes it even more odd is that there is a...
  3. R

    New Surge/ Rush hour / Lyft

    Covering it all in one swoop. With the need BS surge, if DRIVERS are gonna fight back then the most critical time to not drive/get shifty is rush hour. 7-9am and 5-7pm. Boycott or play hard ball in the Main Areas. Downtown/Buckhead. I understand everybody can't just flat out quit so this is...
  4. DrinkSoda

    Decided to do out of curiosity

    Decided to take a trip in the 5am hour to the airport. Just to see how earnings would pan out now that the new surge is roughly a month old. Even at a $10 surge...probably never again. Man, how times have changed.
  5. T

    Where do wait for trips during Friday morning in St Petersburg ?

    Hey guys fairly new Uber driver here. (4.97 / 350 Rides with 20+ Compliments) I’ve been on this site for about an hour now failing to find an answer to my question and most people on here seem very intent to help. So I’m aware you can make good money in the mornings but where exactly do I go to...
  6. NorthernLights

    Are early mornings worth it?

    I drove a fellow driver Saturday night who mentions he makes $200/day between 3:30-1oam on weekday mornings on the airport crowd. I was wondering if anyone else has this sort of luck. He also mentioned that he's the "king of cancellation." He calls riders to see if they're going to the...
  7. R

    Lyft drivers are poison

    I hate lyft drivers in Atlanta. They are the dumbest. They are directly responsible for the lack of surge. Remember when u couldnt get a lyft driver less than 30 minutes away? Thats when riders had no choice but to ride with us surge sharks. We all made 100 day easy. Hardly trying. But Lyft...
  8. A

    Best places in Irving for early morning p/u?

    What's the best area to be in for early am p/u? Between 4am-6am. Around irving or mid-cities area?
  9. R

    No surge

    There has been no surge at all. I drove everyday last week at different times. Early A.M and afternoon hours and it just wasn't there except for the far outskirts. Starting to hate this.
  10. MillennialOnTheRun

    Weekday commuters - advice

    Hey madtown! I'm 30 down in 2 weekends and still above water. I want to delve into weekday mornings but... What's are some good places to be around? I commute from Janesville to West Side Madison for work. Where should I avoid? How can I help make sure I'm at work by 8am? If you were...
  11. R

    This weeks "Boost"

    I didn't get an invite to the boost zones this week so I can't tell where they are at. If anybody got the boost invites for this week can u tell me where they at? I'm actually trying to avoid them but if uber didn't put up boost zones this week then there's no need to avoid any particular areas...
  12. C

    Tuesday morning

    Slowww morning, 4 rides-3 h!
  13. S

    Weekday Early Morning Airport Runs

    I've been Ubering for 2 years. I typically just drive Saturday nights downtown. Lately I have been kicking around the idea of driving early mornings to get an airport run before I have to go to me regular job. Is there a good strategy, or area that I should look for rides. I live in...
  14. UberxGTA

    Is this a new pax trend?

    What's going on???? After almost 2 years driving and thousands of rides, 2 new things happened this morning. Woman asks me in a low mumbled tone, 'Can I eat my breakfast in the car?' what did she say??? She had just opened a plastic container as the 'scent' of curry wafts through the car. I...
  15. G

    Early AM Ride on June 29th

    Hi, I will be needing an uber as early as 4.30am this Wednesday, 29th of June heading towards Southern Cross Station. Will an uber be available for pick up at Malvern East area? Thanks!
  16. laura88

    AM airport ride

    Need a driver for 5am ride from downtown to the airport Tuesday may 10. Please pm if you are available.
  17. ATX_Driver14

    Peculiar morning surges? Opportunity or a carrot to get drivers on the road?

    Anyone paying attention to the "morning" surge map? Do these exist or just to get drivers on road and then go away once they achieve this. Anyone here actually get surge fares consistently in morning? I have personally given up on driving to a surge areas, unless 5 minutes away or so. There...
  18. R

    Need driver 8/12 0415hrs

    Hi, any Uber driver available on above stated date and time around Toa Payoh, kovan(uberXL)and choa chu kang(uberXL)area. Need a total of 3 Uber drivers for my family members , 1 at each location to the airport. Drivers please pm me to arrange. Thanks.