morning surge

  1. DieselkW

    Drive Time - what's yours and why?

    When I first started I thought it would be brilliant to maximize earnings and pay attention to what Lyft told me were the "prime times". That got me puke in the back seat, effectively ENDING my earnings for the night. That got me aggressive alpha male behavior from college punks. That got me...
  2. Halfmybrain

    Yep, I love me my overnights

    I tried morning rush, I absolutely like nights better. I happen to like animated, social riders although I'm also fine with cell phone gazers or drowsy people. As a full time night owl driver: * GROUPS! Buddies, friends, BFFs, dates. They may engage me, or I may be a "fly on the wall" as they...
  3. Halfmybrain

    What's the BFD about morning rush?

    Soooo I tried morning rush. Why do so many drivers swear by rush? Sure it is endless Surge, but the rides (and riders) are short, and never a dull moment, but it takes so much longer getting from Point A to Point B--less trips per hour. Yep I made a bunch of $2 rides. Yep I met my quest ($70 for...
  4. RebelYell

    Help! Where’s the weekday morning Ea$t Bay money?

    Hi, I’m new to this, and glad to be here. I live in Alameda, try to drive 1-4 times on weekday mornings, hoping to stay in Alameda/Oakland/Berkeley area. I’m having a very difficult time finding rides- I hang out at BART stations (among other places: Temescal, downtown Oakland) - Rockridge...
  5. J

    Uber cruel joke

    last week hartford area, lots of good morning rides and surges Uber then sends out texts to everyone stating wake up early and work from 6am-8am to make $34 per hour. of course they know by sending out a mass text is going to increase the amount of drivers out there and in turn kill surges and...