more cash

  1. Toonces-the-cat

    We heard you, and we’re making some changes...

    but they have nothing to do with paying you more money.
  2. pista05

    Amazing Deal for Toronto Uber Drivers

    This week at Foodland Ontario there is a sale on Sparkling Water, Mike from the Adelaide office told me to increase ratings its best I offer UberPool riders complimentary Sparkling Water. $4.99 for 12 355ml cans of Dasani's Finest for Toronto's Finest Riders.
  3. I'll be around

    New with Uber, Should I drive in the IE or go to LA

    Hey, I'm going to sign up to drive with uber and I want to make a good amount of income and have frequent rides (possibly make this full time for now). I live in the IE but I 100% don't mind driving to Los Angeles if it means that I'll be making a lot more money there. I have no clue which areas...
  4. tiveba

    Are you making profit???

    For the ones comfortable enough with sharing what's the most you made in a day/week? Are you a morning or night driver? How often are you offered tips? Have you ever worked the after club crowds, what is it like?
  5. Connect4Uber$

    wild side

    I need motivation because what I'm making now and always is really just plain @@@@ed up..