1. Cahpingo

    What is the boost in Montreal right now?

    Hi. I’m living in Toronto right now, planing to move to Montreal. I would like to know what is the average of the boost in Montreal now? thanks a lot
  2. I

    Is UberEats Scamming us drivers (Montréal)

    So i tried to comunicate with uber costumer service but as you may know they are bots. Don’t help you at all, ect... But this moment i don’t know what to do. The pay per km is supposly payed 0,65 cents per km. But in the app is 0,40$ per km... @@@@ this, im getting pay 1,50$ less in each...
  3. givemewine1st

    Let's Stop BS'ing I uber in Mtl

    three years ago drivers earned double the rate and on the week ends incentives were very generous and surges sometimes 4 times and more. Today uber x drivers make .79 per km minus 25 % To generate 1000 in a paycheck deposit. 1250 dollars must be generated That means no less than 160 to 180...
  4. F

    Pls share some insight about French interview

    Hello All, I'm planning to buy a 2017 corolla to use for Uber, and also for my weekend run around and get way car. We relocated from the US and I'm still searching for a job after 6 months but I'll start study next yr. I recently started my French class because of availability and I'd...
  5. givemewine1st

    Was Disactivated 4 Refusing a Pet who was not a service dog

    Uber seems to be going in outer space. Montreal bylaws governing taxi public transport of animals state that a taxi driver can refuse a regular pet. no reason is required. however Montreal code says you can not refuse a service animal. but there is an exception. if the driver has a phobia or an...
  6. eyewall

    Can you drive someone to Montreal?

    I was just curious if you would be allowed to drive a passenger to Montreal if the request came up. It has never happened to me but I was wondering if it is allowed. Obviously you would need your credentials to get through the border (Passport etc.).
  7. givemewine1st

    If A Union Of Uber Drivers For Quebec Started Would You Join?

    In light of growing dissatisfaction In light of ridiculous driver quitting rates In light of drivers being at the mercy of Uber and the riders In light of being subject To ridiculous rates And poor service at head office In light of the fact The company negotiated a deal that satisfied its own...
  8. M

    Uber Select Market in Montreal

    Hi everyone, I am a Uber driver for the past 8 month, been driving uber x and XL, but recently been thinking about get a luxury car for uber select. Uber doesnt want to share there data upon that plateform, or just that person was uninformed. So I would like to know what are the hourly...
  9. VUT

    UBER maintenant légal au Québec

    Le gouvernement a déposé un nouveau décret aujourd'hui et Uber n'a qu'à payer 268$ pour recevoir son permis d'Intermédiaire Taxi ce qui ne devrait pas tarder. Maintenant aux chauffeurs à se mettre aux nouvelles normes.... Permis classe 4C, etc...
  10. VUT

    Sercice disponible à Mtl ?? (dimanche 16 oct)

    Y a-t-il du service aujourd'hui chez Uber Montréal ? Plusieurs disent avoir un message d'eerur. Serait-ce à cause du projet pilote ?
  11. VUT

    Salary after income tax in Quebec

    I was questioning myself what would be a driver's benefit with the Pilot project. Income minus commission minus expenses minus 28.5% income tax (Qc 16% Can 12.5%) - will leave what kind of revenue to drivers ? Is it worth the trouble ?
  12. VUT

    Pilot project start on October 14, 2016

    The pilot project start officially on October 14, 2016 BUT... To be legal, Uber has to receive his 'Taxi Intermediate License''. Uber asked for this permit and is now waiting. It might take a few weeks or months. Offering the service before is ILLEGAL for UBER and for DRIVERS.
  13. VUT

    When Uber will be legal in Prov. Quebec

    The Ministerial Order for the Pilot-Projet has been published today, Septembre 30, 2016. Article 57 says it will take effect 15 days after being published. =>> October 15, 2016. ==>> Plus, Article 54 from this Order says that anyone working before Uber gets the Taxi Intermediate Permit, is...
  14. VUT

    Class 4C driver's permit

    The agreement for the pilot project says drivers need a Class 4C. December 7 comes fast. Don't be late to get it. You should contact the SAAQ asap.
  15. VUT

    Conduire avant le 29 sept. 2016

    Le BTM (Bureau du Taxi de Montréal) qui fait la police sur l'ile de Montréal m'a confirmé pour courriel que les chauffeurs qui conduisent avant le 29 septembre risquent: 1- une amende de 3700$ 2- saisie du véhicule pour 7 jours 3- perte du permis de conduire pour 7 jours Que peut faire le...
  16. VUT

    Suivre l'évolution de l'entente Québec-Uber

    Bonjour le monde de Québec, j'essaie de partager le plus d'information concernant l'entente sur le forum de Montréal. Merci de nous suivre ...
  17. VUT

    Driving before Sept. 29, 2016

    The Montreal Taxi Bureau just told me in an email that any driver could: 1- get a 3700$ fine 2- get his car seized for 7 days 3- loose his driver's permit for 7 days Anything the office can do about this ?
  18. VUT

    Quebec - Uber Agreement signed on Septembre 9, 2016 - WHAT NEXT ?

    Since the agreement that Uber Quebec and Quebec Government signed on Sept 9, we are expecting information from the office of Montreal. What's next ? As per the agreement, old drivers have up to December 7, 2016 to get a 4C driver permit, get the right insurance, Uber sticker. As per the...
  19. GoldDagger

    Car Inspection.. What do you know in mtl?

    I was doing a check on the list of garages and centers accredited by Uber to get a car inspection report. I don't know if Uber is paying for them because this inspection is not free. I'm also reading some really bad reviews ( M.Muffler etc) on google. They're basically ripping you off with...
  20. ManGo

    WhatsApp group for car seizure alerts / bad passengers / help from other driversdrivers

    Join the most active WhatsApp alerts group for Montreal and surrounding areas. We need more eyes on the road, and you receive help from other drivers as well. Details on our Facebook group: ubermontreal