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  1. nomogmos

    Your "share" ($40,000) of Travis Cordell Kalanick's fortune.

    If just Kalanick's net worth were $6.2-BILLION and there were approximately 160,000 Uber-drivers in the U.S.A., EACH driver's "share", divided equally, would be about $40,000! At $70 billion (and climbing), Uber would pass the market value of GM (GM), Honda (HMC) and Ford (F). Will Uber Be...
  2. DieselkW

    Uber is Becoming a Monopoly - Vox

    http://www.vox.com/2016/5/9/11490302/uber-monopoly-travis-kalanick "Uber began its life as a scrappy startup trying to break up the taxi cartels that dominated most of America's big cities. When Uber was a clear underdog, many people appreciated the company's rebellious streak. Without it, Uber...
  3. M

    Evil Marketing Monopoly Creation

    It is all about the marketing! Uber spends almost no money on TV, Radio, Billboard, and Internet advertising, while getting billions of dollars worth of exposure with their low fare scandal, hurting hard working drivers with children and families in need. They did a fine job hooking up riders...