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  1. aradagebeya


    Please upload a screenshot if possible... Almost $11,000 in one month (including tips) san diego market. With the path Travis is taking HELL WILL FREEZE OVER before we ever make that kinda money ever again!!! It feels like a distant dream these days..
  2. E

    UBER Vegas part time...is it worth it?

    I moved to Vegas about 6 months ago. I have a full time 9-5 job that pays decent. I am just looking to maybe supplement my income by about $200 per week. I need extra money for my kids and a few other things. I see people complaining at making 600 per week. That would save my life right now! I...
  3. G

    Time to Wakeup! Must see video!

    If you have no problem with this then you work directly with Uber and are just monitoring us. If you feel you have no choice but to make ends meet there is hope only if we unite and start a ridesharing union. Union can also be horrible if not monitored by the members Look greed is...
  4. Mz.SinCityDriver

    You awake ???

    I am sure there are many driving right now.. how's the early morning going?? I am about to leave and go find out ... coffee or energy drinKS anyone ;)
  5. Fenwitch

    Lyft's bonus hours scam- Lyft does not calculate hours in Driver's mode correctly

    My letter to Lyft, check out this scam to see if you have been a victim letter to Lyft- Hi there, this happened last week and now it has happened AGAIN. Lyft is not paying me for my guarantee hours. To break this down, 1. The Lyft APP does NOT calculate hours in driver mode correctly. Here is...
  6. Speedyracer

    At m&t I noticed another driver with a tip box in his car. What do you think?

    So I've looked online and apparently uber has recently revised it's wording on how tips are explained on it's "join now" website. I really don't solicit tips.. Although I do receive them from time to time. The sign in his car on his little locked clear box read .. "Tips are not included in the...
  7. dgman03

    Why you should do uber eats...

    Most verterans by now know most downtown trips are minimum trips that get you $3.37. Most of you also probably know from other cities that uber eats rarely has a gratuity. I've also heard people complain about not being paid to drive to either the restaurant or the customer location. But...
  8. AceManShow

    Prices going up ?

  9. LocalDL

    Earn Aditional Money Using LocalDL Ride Share "Advertising" App

    LocalDL is an Atlanta-based startup focused on giving your riders a better experience. We've created an iPad app, LocalDL, that you can download today and start earning additional money. I put "Advertising" in quotes because when we surveyed your riders, they put ads pretty low on the list of...
  10. Corinaoliva

    Instant pay. Advice.

    I have met the instant pay requirements which Uber agreed but they said instant pay is not showing on my account but they don't know why it's not showing up in the app. Uber said they can't control it that I just have to wait until it magically appears. Anyone have this issue?
  11. Monarch

    Seasonal Service Industry Uber Drivers

    Hello everyone, I am very new to this forum. Hope all is well. I find it very interesting reading all of the threads and I agree with most of them. Driving has become extremely slow. Way too many drivers here in Naples. I started December of last year and had a great season. But as time went by...
  12. B

    Where's the love? Lol

    Only made $67 the last three days in Henderson. However, I only worked about 4hrs each day, but geeesshhh that still sucks. Today was dry as hell. Only made $3.85 within two hours and then called it quits. Is there any way to make money without driving on the strip? I absolutely hate driving on...
  13. FastANDfuriousmama

    New and lost...go figure

    Hi fellow Miamians, I'm 100% new to Uber. Like I think I've even ridden in one probably once in my life. I'm essentially a young soccer mom/workaholic. Thing is, mama needs a break. It would really help my family out mainly my son, if I were able to leave my beloved job. I also make a nice...
  14. BlackHatRideshare

    Giving away FREE Rides and making money tips!

    Hey All, First post here! I am a Lyft and Uber driver in RI. This may not be for all markets and some of the incentives maybe different. In RI Lyft allows you to give new Lyft riders a $50.00 Free Lyft Ride and the driver that refers the passenger gets $10.00. Lyft is not as popular in RI as...
  15. BlackHatRideshare

    How I make extra $ referring Lyft Passangers

    Hey All, First post here! I am a Lyft and Uber driver in RI. This may not be for all markets and some of the incentives maybe different. In RI Lyft allows you to give new Lyft riders a $50.00 Free Lyft Ride and the driver that refers the passenger gets $10.00. Lyft is not as popular in RI...
  16. Anm_99

    Already make 100K a year, is it moral to uber?

    My boyfriend makes a six figure salary....I make 55k, we are very lucky and well off. He wants to become an uber driver mostly out of curiosity, and during bad weather since we own a Jeep Wrangler. I worry that this isn't morally responsible. I feel that many drivers depend on uber and need the...
  17. R

    New drivers should know

    Hi All, I have been driving uber for a period of time and thought that I should give a fair insight of the dark corners new drivers should know before taking the plunge. 1. Incentives. I was very motivated when I first started out with uber. I did my fair share of calculations and my daily...
  18. Connect4Uber$

    no thank you, too Friendly

    So I was bored and left [email protected] I ended up back in my city to refill on beverage and candies then I got a request and headed to the brewery to pick up this gentleman named Isaac he was a little tipsy making jokes and laughing all was good until I got him to his house where he then asked me to...
  19. M

    Question to : Uber full time drivers !!!

    Hi, possibly some people don't like to see a new drivers here but I'm not yet decide to drive for Uber but I want to know about it before to get into it : UBER FULL TIMES DRIVERS , PLEASE share with us how much weekly you make money and how many hours a day after Uber cut in your account ? (...
  20. Drebee

    Can you make $5,000 a month on uberX

    Yes it's possible I do, but it's not easy. You have to accept at least 85-110 customers to do it.