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  1. Gregm

    Best area to start on Northern Beaches in evening 5pm +

    I live on the northern beaches, around Beacon Hill area. I can only really drive during the peak times in the afternoon (5-10 pm) but I haven't really had much success. Is this just my luck? Has anyone else had any success on the NB during these times? If not where is the best place for me to...
  2. MDA

    Recruiting Sales Consultants Who Could Also Cont To Drive Uber

    I am currently expanding our local and regional markets and need qualified people to join me in this expansion. Only Singaporeans and PRs need apply. If you hold minimally a diploma and have at least 3 years of working experience in any trade please send me your resume. This is a job that will...
  3. letsgo

    Would you use a dashcam-like app for 150$/month?

    I'm the manager of a pilot program that would pay Uber drivers 150$/month to do the following: - we'd give you a device to mount on your front windshield. This can either be an Android device or a dashcam. - you'll need to start recording once you start your daily drives and stop it when the...
  4. uberjulio


    8 HOURS = $ 85, my car 2010, mo more, GOODBYE
  5. jehfmatic

    Graduated college. Ubering 'til I find a "real" job.

    Hey what's going on everybody? I'm new here. Just wanted to get some advice and tips from LA/OC Uber drivers. Here's my situation. I just recently graduated from CSULA with my BA Degree in Communications (Public Relations). However, finding a job in this field could take 6-12 months if lucky...
  6. txtim1982

    Uber trying to steal money again.

    I don't know why I'm surprised, but yet again, I am the target of Uber's shady business practices. I already have the proper permits, they aren't expiring anytime soon, and paid for them out of my own pocket, and have them loaded onto my dashboard. It is insane the way that they can't keep track...
  7. V

    uber san diego extra work

    hello there , if you want some extra work in san diego county california, i have some food deliveries that need done everyday, is exactly like uber and you can uber around and if you get a order from us, you get delivery fee plus 100% tips which is around 15 % call me up to set interview, 619...
  8. Django81


    So two weeks into my ubering I made $200.18 dollars minus (rider fee 23.00) and (uber fee 50.05) leaving me with a tidy sum of $150.13. It was a Monday and I worked around 6 hours on. I guess my partners take roughly 25% for me to use their app. What the most you made in one day?
  9. MrPenguinMIA

    UberLUX v UberXL

    I've recenly started driving uber again after a 6 month hiatus. I see the names and rates have change. So i ask, what is better to drive at the moment during the weekdays and weekend nights in Miami/Broward? UberLUX or UberXL? My LUX vehicle is a 2015 Lincolnl MKS and the XL is a 2013 Chrysler...
  10. MrPenguinMIA

    UberLUX v UberXL (Disregard )

    I've recenly started driving uber again after a 6 month hiatus. I see the names and rates have change. So i ask, what is better to drive at the moment during the weekdays and weekend nights. In Miami/Broward. UberLUX or UberXL. My LUX vehicle is a 2015 Lincolnl MKS and the XL is a 2013 Chrysler...
  11. MikesUber

    Three Different Company Names for Pay

    I've noticed for the last few weeks the name that is listed under my pay from Uber keeps changing. Any particular reason for this? ACH DEP UBER USALLC XXXXXXXXX - 1/20 CORPORATE ACH XXXXXXXXXX RAISER,LLC EDI PAYMNT - 12/30 CORPORATE ACH XXXXXXXXXX UBER TECH 2359 EDI PAYMNT - 12/2
  12. M

    Make $20/hr driving in orlando for uber

    Sup guys, well if youre like me, we all fell for the "drive for uber and make $35 an hour" bullshit. And I bet a few of you guys went out your way to lease a car, ( I did...smh...) anyways, id figure if we promoted the service more, then maybe we can kick it up to $20 hour profit, or if we would...
  13. B

    Just hit 100 Trips with overall 4.9 rating! Tips to become an efficient driver.

    So I just hit 100 trips yesterday maintaining an overall rating of 4.9. At about 40-60 trips I dipped to about 4.7 and have steadily rose since then. Thought I'd make a post on the things I've learnt along the way which has helped me maintain a good rating and become efficient with my time to...
  14. C

    What regions are in Los angles and San Fernando are generally lucrative and safe to taxi in?

    I'am not asking other drivers to reveal their gold mines. I live in Ventura county but for some reason don't have access to this area. What districts of LA and San Fernando Valley are good on weekend nights.
  15. Jaybird

    Generate More Uber Customers / Help Uber Drivers

    I created this Uber "passenger referral" document and I laminated it and give it to passengers with other people in the car and put it in the windshield when my car is parked in parking areas. This will generate more Uber customers and get you credit to use Uber on your own. Drivers are always...
  16. August1

    San Fran or San Diego?

    I've been driving for lyft and uber in San Diego for a few months now and it's just not cuttin it. I'm thinking about heading to San Fran for a week or week end to see if I'll make any more. What do you all think?
  17. Silver Fox

    Why I Uber

    The biggest reason why I uber is because I made a ton of money. I made a ton of contacts to make me a ton of money. I made a small business and it produced a profit. Anybody can hate, but it takes an intelligent person to figure out how to make money.
  18. afrojoe824

    not bad for a saturday....

    11 hours today for $300. 5am-2pm uber-lyfting it. then back on from 7:30p-11:30. Decided to call it a night and walk away while I'm ahead. Wanted to try out the bar scenes but I flaked out. Never drove past midnight ever. Picking up the drunks will happen another day. but 11 hours for $300...
  19. Adidek


    Can someone tell me what the uber incentives in cleveland are? The uber website navigation is horrible and even a Google search for "uber incentives cleveland" turns up no results.
  20. ivanB

    UberX - simply its not worth it - No Money

    I have tried Uber X for 2 weeks now, and I must say its just not worth it. There is no money to be made, and only person making money is Uber them selves. I have tried Uber X I didn't try Uber Select but it simply wasn't worth it. After I counted the number of hours I have worked, and deducted...