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  1. insertgenericusername

    questions about the business license and other paperwork

    30 days after your first trip, you're required to apply for a business license and do some other stuff. 1) If I never apply for these things, will I get to keep the money I earned in that beginning 30 day period? Or will uber somehow take it away from me? 2) once I reach that 30 day mark, will...
  2. insertgenericusername

    A question about the business license and other paperwork

    In kansas/Missouri, uber drivers are required to apply for a business license and some other stuff within 30 days. 1) If I don't ever apply for those, will I still get to keep the money I made in that 30 day beginning window? Or will uber withdraw that money back out of my account if I never...
  3. WhiteLineNightmare

    No Bullsh*t. How Much?

    How much did you make tonight? That's it. Just say how long you worked, what day of the week, and how much you made. This way we can all actually be aware of where we stack up. No lies or judgement. The purpose of this thread is to make awareness, not debate. Please be honest, because you're...
  4. Dedu

    Information! Hellp me

    Hy guys! I want to start with uber but for the moment it is just one idea because I want to change my job and I have a few questions . it is better to have your own car or rented ? how much you get in one week ? how many hours you work per day and how much you get per day? thanks
  5. H

    Uber Xchange issues.PLEASE READ IF YOU ARE LEASING.

    Yesterday I went to have my car serviced and found out through my Honda (the Mall of GA location in Buford GA) that Uber Leasing had not paid my note in 3 whole months. I had to pay for my car servicing out of pocket. And if you have a leased car with Uber. You know that you are able to have...
  6. U

    Take a break, have a laugh

    Its only wednesday, take a break and share with us why we should or shouldnt keep going. Have you been shafted again? Is it worth doing any longer? Share your thoughts or tips.
  7. P

    Honestly...Is it worth it?

    Hi there, My name is Peter (Peej) and I am currently going through the motions/paperwork to register as an Uber 'partner' driver. I have been following Uber closely since it's introduction to the Perth public transport market and even wrote a speculative article about the company regarding my...
  8. S

    UBER at ULTRA last year was pretty good!!

    if you really want to make money, ultra weekend is the time. sell water after the show if you can too lol
  9. S

    Anyone Making Good Money Driving UBERXL Here in Miami?

    About to start doing XL soon. i been doing uberx since 2014. would like to know whos making money with XL and what areas are the best to be around. i have a 2007 kia sedona.
  10. Gregm

    Best area to start on Northern Beaches in evening 5pm +

    I live on the northern beaches, around Beacon Hill area. I can only really drive during the peak times in the afternoon (5-10 pm) but I haven't really had much success. Is this just my luck? Has anyone else had any success on the NB during these times? If not where is the best place for me to...
  11. MDA

    Recruiting Sales Consultants Who Could Also Cont To Drive Uber

    I am currently expanding our local and regional markets and need qualified people to join me in this expansion. Only Singaporeans and PRs need apply. If you hold minimally a diploma and have at least 3 years of working experience in any trade please send me your resume. This is a job that will...
  12. letsgo

    Would you use a dashcam-like app for 150$/month?

    I'm the manager of a pilot program that would pay Uber drivers 150$/month to do the following: - we'd give you a device to mount on your front windshield. This can either be an Android device or a dashcam. - you'll need to start recording once you start your daily drives and stop it when the...
  13. uberjulio


    8 HOURS = $ 85, my car 2010, mo more, GOODBYE
  14. jehfmatic

    Graduated college. Ubering 'til I find a "real" job.

    Hey what's going on everybody? I'm new here. Just wanted to get some advice and tips from LA/OC Uber drivers. Here's my situation. I just recently graduated from CSULA with my BA Degree in Communications (Public Relations). However, finding a job in this field could take 6-12 months if lucky...
  15. txtim1982

    Uber trying to steal money again.

    I don't know why I'm surprised, but yet again, I am the target of Uber's shady business practices. I already have the proper permits, they aren't expiring anytime soon, and paid for them out of my own pocket, and have them loaded onto my dashboard. It is insane the way that they can't keep track...
  16. V

    uber san diego extra work

    hello there , if you want some extra work in san diego county california, i have some food deliveries that need done everyday, is exactly like uber and you can uber around and if you get a order from us, you get delivery fee plus 100% tips which is around 15 % call me up to set interview, 619...
  17. Django81


    So two weeks into my ubering I made $200.18 dollars minus (rider fee 23.00) and (uber fee 50.05) leaving me with a tidy sum of $150.13. It was a Monday and I worked around 6 hours on. I guess my partners take roughly 25% for me to use their app. What the most you made in one day?
  18. MrPenguinMIA

    UberLUX v UberXL

    I've recenly started driving uber again after a 6 month hiatus. I see the names and rates have change. So i ask, what is better to drive at the moment during the weekdays and weekend nights in Miami/Broward? UberLUX or UberXL? My LUX vehicle is a 2015 Lincolnl MKS and the XL is a 2013 Chrysler...
  19. MrPenguinMIA

    UberLUX v UberXL (Disregard )

    I've recenly started driving uber again after a 6 month hiatus. I see the names and rates have change. So i ask, what is better to drive at the moment during the weekdays and weekend nights. In Miami/Broward. UberLUX or UberXL. My LUX vehicle is a 2015 Lincolnl MKS and the XL is a 2013 Chrysler...
  20. MikesUber

    Three Different Company Names for Pay

    I've noticed for the last few weeks the name that is listed under my pay from Uber keeps changing. Any particular reason for this? ACH DEP UBER USALLC XXXXXXXXX - 1/20 CORPORATE ACH XXXXXXXXXX RAISER,LLC EDI PAYMNT - 12/30 CORPORATE ACH XXXXXXXXXX UBER TECH 2359 EDI PAYMNT - 12/2