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money missing surge

  1. C

    6/29.6/30 no surges??

    Hey everyone so yesterday 6.29 i did UBER For 3 hour and 17 min for a total of $50.33.. Do you think this is good? I've done $150 in 5 hours and 30 min when surges. I haven't seen any surge today and yesterday only made $2 out of surge. Is the business slow? Or is it Uber taking the surge out...
  2. A

    is it normal for this time of year i'm varely making anymoney

    I've been driving for almost a year and it's been ok, but know unfortunately I rely on this gig for the next few months, but its been really slow and I'm barely making enough
  3. U

    Disappearing Surge Zones - Any new info or is this an Uber Scam?

    Hi everyone, I have recently started driving in saturated Sydney - not much luck despite being 5 stars and working in the areas which Uber has recommended (along with times). I have run into three situations where I have been in surge areas, expected to collect a surge fare and then out of the...
  4. Talleyhohoho

    Uber changing cost of ride due to passenger complaint.

    So I had a 3 lovely drunk passengers I picked up during a 3.9x surge. Passenger was charged roughly $95 for a 20-25 min ride. The customer contacted uber support, complained and I was screwed out of $20. Now usually I don't rant or complain. Hell I may not have noticed it but in the Orange...