monday morning

  1. pizza guy

    Monday snow

    Just curious what everyone's plans were for Monday morning rush. Looks like it could be a few inches at the worst possible time. I hate to give up one of the best shifts of the week but we don't earn when sitting in traffic not to mention the risk of idiots not knowing how to drive.
  2. Da Ub

    Welcome January 2 2017

    45 minutes with no pings. Guess back to normal. Wait 2 hours then get airport run
  3. saucy05

    Monday morning rush

    Why is there a major surge on Monday mornings (4-7 am) and not the rest of the weekdays? Also, is it worth it? I've been driving for uber for a while now but I never done the early Monday shift. Partly because I know I will eventually miss an exit or something and possibly make someone late for...