1. T

    Pick a best model (advise)

    Hello there friends.. so I can across the new models of 2019 but I cannot make up my mind. Please advise: what do you think its better to drive and why? :))) NEW Toyota Camri (no clue how is this car performed , is it more comfortable to drive than Prius. I after 1 year inside Prius I had...
  2. MikeNY

    2019 Cars Suvs with Ride Sharing in mind.

    Before you comment how stupid you are for buying a new car :( for Ride Share. This post is about, the type of vehicle you would buy in the 2019 category. What Make and Model and why :D
  3. J

    General rental/leasing questions

    Hi all, I'm a potential uber driver coming on board! Trying to better understand the leasing right now so i can learn from you bros here. 1. What car do you find the best to use for uber and why? (Are there any good models I should choose?) 2. What are you paying for the car? 3. What is a...