mobile app

  1. tomatopaste

    I downloaded McDonald's mobile order app. It's awesome. Robots rule

    I got a grilled chicken deluxe for a buck as a promo. I'll never order via a human ever again. I can order from my phone and pick it up inside, at the drive thru or have delivered to the parking lot. Winning! Now I just ordered a hot fudge sundae. More winning!
  2. E

    How to Find Travel Agent or Mobile App to visit places

    Hello, I am running mobile app development company, We are group of 20 people, We want to plan for a trip, 3 Days 4 Nights. Is there any app can do this or there are any travel agent that can help us. Thanks, Contact, Jai from EngineerBabu
  3. ReviTULize

    Rideshare Timer for Android

    Just wanted to post a link to our new Android App for rideshare drivers I was looking for a "floating" timer app to use when I arrived at a location and could not find one that I, I had it developed. Then I added sending the text for me each time I started the timer, etc... Drivers...