1. T

    Lower boost and higher delivery rates in Minneapolis = UberEats orders not being picked up.

    I work at a restaurant and I do deliveries for several delivery services. The first thing that happened is that Uber cut the delivery pay for the drivers. The more experienced Uber drivers just stopped working UberEats. Uber does not know this but the best UberEats driver also work for every...
  2. MHR

    A Running List of Uber's Lukewarm Apologies - Gizmodo

  3. Nenee

    Does it bother anyone that Uber doesn't exactly explain how fees r calculated?

    I looked everywhere to see if they had an explanation of how rider n driver fees r calculated. I came accross some information but its not straightforward. I had to reach out n ask uber support for clarification. Ever since a recent post regarding fare reviews I've been keeping an eye on my...