1. CaptRonRico

    Calling all Mississippi drivers!

    So I'm a greenhorn, in my 4th week coming up driving Jackson, MS. I commute 70 miles one way to get to Jackson. Started Friday Saturday nights 9pm to 5-6am. Added Thursday night last weekend. It's a part time gig for me as I have a state job Sundays through Wednesdays. Just hoping to hear from...
  2. A

    Uber stickers update?

    How are you guys handling the stickers? Do you also put on stickers when doing Ubereats? Also, I havent seen many people with stickers in downtown...so far only two in Mississauga. Is there any fine yet?
  3. G

    OXFORD? Anybody heading to Ole Miss?

    Just wondering if any Memphis drivers are going to head to Ole Miss to Uber/Lyft? I'm on the fence being that I don't know the area....