1. Kurt Halfyard

    Multiculturalism, Embarrassment & A Can of Smirnoff ICE [Story]

    Short Story: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Sunday Night. 8pm. Get a ping to a Hotel on Winston Churchill Boulevard @ QEW Highway. Pax Name: "Amber." I arrive at Hotel, main lobby round-about, which looks completely vacant and sad, and click the pink "ARRIVE" button on the LYFT App. Nobody...
  2. Kurt Halfyard

    No Fireworks on May-TwoFour Weekend [COVID-19]

    Not sure if this is all municipalities in the GTA/GGHA, but Mississauga has a 'No Fireworks' policy for this Victoria Day Weekend...
  3. Kurt Halfyard

    Mississauga Police Shoot-Out & Vehicle Crash

    Looks the like police were shooting at a man after he crashed his car through a low-rise-condo-complex. I just drove by with a PAX (who does maintenance and snow removal on that property - he said not the first time there was violence there) and there were about 6 cruisers, ambulance, and 5...
  4. Kurt Halfyard

    OOF...Watch Out For That Pothole On Dixie Road East from 401 Exit

    This happened last night taking 4 big guys to a club. Bang. Tire lost air this morning. 80$ steel rim replacement last minute before the garages closed. Whew.
  5. grapevine13

    Mississauga wants to hear from Uber/Lyft drivers

    Anyone see this..... yoursay.mississauga.ca/tnc-project ? Mississauga is asking for feedback about their licensing Uber and Lyft. Looks like they're even having inperson meetings for drivers. Anyone attending? They have 2 dates Nov 26 and Dec 5. I was thinking I might attend one of these...
  6. Kurt Halfyard

    LYFT vs. UBER on Ratings Adjustment

    The story behind a 1* rating I received today. I picked up a couple ladies who were going from North West corner of Mississauga to the Absolute Towers (The Marilyns) because they had a spa appointment. Daughter comes out to the car after 2 minutes. Says her mom will be along shortly. 3-4...
  7. Kurt Halfyard

    ARGH! The Ants Have Discovered My 'Hood!

    Something happened in the North end of Mississauga in September. I went from being one of a few (happily) lonely LYFT ants in the neighborhood to a bloody-ant-farm. There were not a ton of PINGS before, even as I was often the only driver in my area, but oh, boy, there are zero now. I guess...
  8. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Anyone take off their snow tires yet?

    Hello community, As per PTC licence, we are suppose to keep the tires on until April 30. If I take off my snow tires tomorrow, will i likely get "caught" by a by law officer in Toronto or Mississauga for not having the snow tires on?
  9. Mary1978

    Help - my Uber driver drove off with my bag & wallet ...

    Went to pick up my son from school but when I returned the driver had left. My bag, wallet, credit cards, IDs are all in his car. I filled out the help form in the Uber App, and tried getting in touch with the driver - no response. Should I call the police ? Is there a phone number to reach...
  10. JD Canada

    Bad day in mississauga

    1st Nov seems to the worst day in my uber history... How is everyone else doing ?
  11. A

    Anyone else experience EXTEREMELY LOW ubereats ping Mississauga?

    Hello, I have been driving ubereats from the same place for one year now and I make 50$ easily everyday. But this last week starting Tuesday I get 90% less. I was online for 9 hours and got 1 ping. Same story for Wed and everyday till now. I made 30$ in the whole week being online for over 30...
  12. A

    UberEats totally dead?

    Hello people, I only drive for ubereats. Till last Monday, I was driving with set hours and making around 14/hr for last 4 months. But from tuesday the ping frequency has gone down really bad. NO TRIP AT ALL WHOLE DAY TUESDAY AND WEDNESSDAY. Thursday i got 2 trips in 9 hours. Today still from...
  13. Galaxy Defender

    Just signed up in Mississauga - Not getting any rides

    So I got notified by Uber that my application got approved and I can start. But I waited for 4 hrs in Mississauga and Toronto but I did not get any rides. I just read through the site and they mentioned that I have to wait for my Uber sticker before I can pick up and riders. Are there any...
  14. essen

    uber in Mississauga, Canada

    Hello there! Just fresh here, less than 3 minutes ago. Mississauga is just Toronto, so shouldn't be a problem to the question: "where is this place really!" I'd like to share my experience of driving since last 10 years. 2 years with Uber but a solid 8 years as a taxi driver.
  15. Alex-7089

    Summons received for driving in Mississauga

    I received a summons for driving in Mississauga. Anyone have advise regarding this issue.
  16. Chargersrt10

    Mississauga Disbands Uber Committee

    Cool article I found on "InSauga". https://www.insauga.com/mississauga-disbands-uber-committee
  17. C

    Received a Court Summons From Mississauga

    Hello All, Today I received a letter from City of Mississauga for a court summon for violating Mississauga By-Law 420-04. I am just checking to see if anyone here has experience with it, on how to deal with it and how much support is done by Uber company. I have sent 2 emails to Uber: one to...
  18. Uber-AJ

    Mississauga=overpopulated w/drivers?

    It seems Sauga has been dying for the last 2 weeks, now I know why: I just downloaded the riders app, and noticed that everywhere I used to go to stage, seems to have already at least 3 drivers already. Does this mean Sauga is saturated? What do you guys think?
  19. R

    UberEats in Mississauga now!

    Good chance for referral earns in Mississauga, as well as UberEats driving. Did anybody try there?
  20. A

    Boundries for Toronto and Mississauga

    Hello, I am new to this forum and glad that found this community. I am resuming to drive after almost an year. I live in mississauga and will travel to toronto. 1) Will it be ok if i pick up passenger in toronto, even though i live in suaga? 2) What is the bounry for toronto? 3) If...