mission street

  1. Silent_Philosodriver

    Is Mission St. (the segment with Red Line) not allowing stops anymore?

    On Friday I stopped by Mission to pick up Pax (the 4 mile block with the new red lines) it was a very brief stop, Pax were ready and boarding, but a Police truck behind me kept signaling to move right away and the cop look annoyed. It was near corner of Mission and 18th No ticket given, but...
  2. Lyft_94110

    Traffic changes plaguing SF drivers

    It was gridlock last week in the Financial District and Union Square areas during the afternoon and long into the evening. The explanation is here: http://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/The-traffic-change-that-s-contributing-to-SF-7122054.php In summary, drivers going toward the Bay Bridge...