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  1. Rainbows&unicorns

    Uber activation?!?!?

    New to the forum and rideshare world. So I’ve been trying to sign up with Uber and lyft for the last month. Lyft finally got back to me and said they are considering rejecting my application because of my background check. I have a misdemeanor for trespassing.. it was a dumb mistake.. but...
  2. S

    Can I reapply after being denied?

    Hello everyone. I have been very interested in becoming a driver for Uber. I had applied a while back and went through each step and completed everything. Then it came to the background check which took weeks! I finally heard back and was told I'm not being accepted due to my background. I will...
  3. HiDuuken

    NPR Radio has been doing a series on Uber.

    Has anyone heard any of the segments? For the most part, they seem pretty well researched. One segment today dealt with drivers being deactivated erroneously. A guy from Vermont was deactivated for a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge. The guy is a amputee and driving for Uber was about the...
  4. Michael2017

    Can I TNC in Houston if I had a little misdemeanor 20 years ago?

    Hi good people, can I get a TNC in Houston if I had a a very low class misdemeanor 20 years ago, it was called "criminal mischief" basically just a bunch of kids " I was 18, hanging out at a park after closing hours. I'm going in for my TNC tomorrow and this is bugging me. any help would be...
  5. S

    City of Houston Background Check Requirements

    Does anyone know what the city of Houston background check requirements are? I can't find it online. I'm trying to refer a friend but he has a misdemeanor pot possession charge from 5 years ago. Will they allow that and how far back do they check?