1. Maven

    Driving with Minor Damage (Poll)

    Please answer the Poll. Can you continue accepting requests in a car with minor damage? Let's say you return from a break and discover one or more of the following: One side mirror is shattered, missing, or unusable. A headlight, tail light, or turn signal is cracked and not functioning. Front...
  2. Fargle

    Center mirror replacement dashcams

    The Falcon F360 seems like a favorite dash cam, but it wouldn't work for me. My car came with a rearview mirror that automatically dims, has a compass, and three buttons for opening gates and garage doors. Is there a center mirror replacement that has all that? Or maybe is there a dash cam...
  3. T

    Driver Side Mirror that is a Different Color

    I recently needed to replace my driver side mirror because it was broken. I ordered one online and it shipped. The only problem is the new mirror is black and my car is light blue. I personally don't think it's a big deal that the colors don't match, but my parents saw it and think I need to...