minimum fare

  1. mrpjfresh

    Uber resorting to pinching pennies??

    I noticed a weird thing started the other night. For the previous 3 years, the minimum fare in my market has been a whopping $3.00. Now on some minimum fares, the minimum fare supplement bumps up to $2.99 instead. It has happened on half a dozen rides in the last 2 days so far. Bug...
  2. BigRedDriver

    You ain't kidding we work for pennies!

    Like a dummy I took a ping with Long pickup fee "likely". Drove over 10 minutes to arrive at the location. Uber navigation took my down a street toward a Hotel that had that street entrance blocked off. OK, so I drive a few blocks more to come around to an open entrance. No big deal because I...
  3. Jack Malarkey

    GoCatch: Changes to the advance booking minimum fare guarantee for drivers

    GoCatch sent an email to drivers on Saturday 7 July 2018 at 7.50 pm. The email mainly concerned changes to the advance booking minimum fare guarantee ($20) for drivers. The relevant part of the email is below: Changes to the Advance Booking Minimum Fare Guarantee for Drivers Hi Jack...
  4. Cocamo

    Uber is greedy and shady!

    Uber has been nudging up the minimum ride fee, now charging $6.11, up from $5.75. That means Uber is now making 87 cents more than we are for every short ride that we give. Once again, they are pocketing the entire increase. I’m not seeing a penny more than the $2.62 I’ve always received...
  5. Butch Cassidy

    'bump' pricing; driver's option

    We should have the option, and not just on snow days, to add an additional 'bump' in price, a minimum amount like say $5.00 to our ride. Create our own 'surge' pricing... and 'snow' day pricing added to the Uber amount. The customer will see this amount in their 'up front' pricing and can take...
  6. warrior lady

    Dear Lyft: Scheduled Pickup from to National Harbor to MGM... Ya Let Me Get Right On That!

    ... Life- Changing $ Right There. At 4:50 am.. Although that is more than $4-5 I would make with Uber on that trip. Seriously: Does anyone do these scheduled Lyft pick-ups? I’ve never done one. - Anyone have any tips or success stories with this?
  7. Lurking

    Lyft Pays More Than Uber

    In adjacent Upstate-NY, Lyft effectively pays more than Uber for identical minimum fare trips and perhaps others as well. Even though the published rates are almost identical, this is because For new drivers (6/2017), the Lyft Cut is 25%, where the Uber Cut is 30%. Lyft does not always deduct...
  8. tomatopaste

    How to fix Uber. The definitive report.

    How to fix Uber 1. Minimum fare, $10 for the driver 2. Minimum fare, $13 for the driver from the airport 3. Raise fares to match taxis. 4. Cap number of drivers. New drivers only allowed to drive when demand warrants. A new driver becomes part of Uber's 'base driver pool' when a current base...
  9. Maven

    3rd Booking Fee Increase of 2017

    Uber appears to be rolling out the 3rd booking fee increase this year, with a corresponding minimum fare increase. I expect Lyft to match the Uber Booking Fee increase soon. It's 40 cents for XL and 50 cents for XL and premium. For UberX: In February, from $1.30 to $1.65 then $1.65 to $1.80 Now...
  10. NapsterSA

    Minimum Fare Adjustment Decrease in Greater Maryland?

    Prior to this week my driver pay for all minimal rides was $3.71. I've had a couple this week that were less. Distance and time rates are unchanged, so the only difference must be in the Min Fare Adjustment (MFA) calculation. One of my very short trips would have paid only $2.86 (incl MFA) had...
  11. Dandy

    Uber Drivers Taking Action!

    Good idea or bad idea? Check out from today ABC13 news in Texas!!!!! HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Houston Uber drivers are coming together to voice their complaints about the company. Drivers will gather in the parking lot of George Bush International Airport and turn off their apps this afternoon...
  12. adilakif

    Can someone help me understand this? (minimum fare question)

    Hello everyone, I started driving for Uber yesterday( Orange County, CA). Uber says the minimum fare is $5.5. I had 4 trips that are way below the minimum fare. I am attaching the screenshots that shows the breakdowns. Is there a problem with these trips? What am I missing? Thanks.
  13. Karl Marx

    A Little Prayer for Uber Drivers.

    Uber Driver's Prayer As I wander and drive the city for rides, My dash cam keeps me safe and alive. Minimum fares elude me online, This driving for Uber is nothing but lies. Copyright Karl Marx 2017
  14. N

    has minimum fare went down?

    I don't want to drive for uber. After that question and answer thing on Facebook. I see they raised their safety fee. Did minimum fares drop? They were $2.88. Was just wondering...
  15. NoStopping

    UberX Uberpool Base Fare in San Francisco

    Hi. Ive been driving a little over a month now and have a few questions I cant seem to answer with the SF govt website or the Uber website. I will be posting them here one at a time. From what I can tell this is one of the best forums for uber drivers. So my first question is about minimum...
  16. B

    Passenger Feedback - Wake Up Uber Friends

    As we are aware Uber is doing everything to run the cab companies out of town. This includes cutting your fares, so you may only make a minimum of $3-4 per trip. That will not pay for anything. Passengers from CVG will tip sometimes. That is usually a toss up. I have filled out the surveys...
  17. UberNdallas

    Minimum fare??

    it was my understanding minimum fare was 5.50. So what's up with these occasional 2.85 rides??BS. Sorry if this question has been beat to death already but I did a search of these forums and found nothing on minimum fare.
  18. iSurge

    Did minimum fares NOT go up?

    I received an email 2 weeks ago from Uber stating that min fare in Orlando is now $5.85, includes the same $1.85 booking fee. This morning, I decided to give it a go, picked up PAX. drove them x miles to Universal Studios, at the employee parking area. I check my payment, and the fare was only...
  19. #1 UBER Slave

    OMG!! Minimum Fare Raised In Dallas!!!!

    FINALLY Uber has raised the minimum fare. It's only 50c but it's a start. Hopefully they will raise the amount per mile next. I never thought I would say it but THANK YOU Uber.
  20. marc13

    Minimum fare in Washington D.C. up!!!

    Just received the email. what do you think guys? I wont be surprise if Uber nows start sending trips around two miles to most of the drivers. ****** A little change goes a long way We’re raising the minimum fare in Washington D.C. to $6.35. Now you’ll make more on those quick trips that are...