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  1. PH driver on the K

    Uber’s @@@@ed in London. Gone back to my local office. Liberating.

    Long post alert, so please bear with. I’m an experienced PH driver. I’ve driven for many different firms including uber at different times when it’s suited me. I’ve just stopped driving for them recently and I wish to persuade other drivers to do the same. Also can we PLEASE keep this...
  2. London_driver_Uber

    Uber vs Old Minicab Office

    Hi I have work as Minicab Drivers almost 18yrs. I work with uber almost 2years Know there are Low and too many drivers I have return Uber Pda and I aback to Minicab farm in Wimbledon. I am happy to pay rent and work. When you pay rent then cab owner and Controller have Reassure to give...