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  1. Attockpak1

    For the luls

  2. warrior lady

    Would You Allow Late Night Pax in DC Smoke Pot During a 7 minute Ride... If They Tipped $100 in Cash

    TRUE STORY.. Crazy!! At bar pickup on U St. at 2:30 am, little rich girl asks if I would do her and her friends a favor. Would I let them smoke Weed during the 7 minute ride for $100 cash? I told her if she gives $ to me before the ride.. I didn’t think she actually had it.. I was stunned when...
  3. ÜberKraut

    Millennials are America's worst tippers

    I'm shocked! (Not really). I've stated herein before my driving strategy involves AVOIDING millennials whenever possible. Now it's confirmed by research. "Now millennials can add “bad tippers” to the roster of negative stereotypes they’re associated with. According to a new study from...
  4. Ziggy

    Silver Spoon + No Tip = 2*

    I'm not begrudging anyone for having money or being frugal. However, when 5 millennials order XL for 5 people all sporting ginormous Louis Vittone suitcases and then get pissy because the cheap @@@@ butts can't fit with all that luggage into the Yukon (and they have to order a 2nd car) ... and...
  5. tjcomedy

    Driving in Uptown

    So I've been driving for Uber in the evenings. Tonight, a millennial pulled the ultimate scam to avoid paying a surge. As soon as the surge ended, he asked me to pull over and let him out, on the way to his destination. Then he contacted Uber and claimed that he should not be charged because he...
  6. R

    POOL trips

    Just wanted to get others input on this - When I was accepting POOL rides, I found that 95+ percent of the time, I wasn't getting a 2nd passenger. Now, the only time I accept is if there is a surge. The rare exception is when I stupidly forget to look at the request to confirm it is an...