1. Mista T

    Pickup driving limit?

    In treating this as a business, I limit myself usually to a pickup distance of 1.5 miles. I assume that every ride will pay the minimum, and that is how far I am willing to travel (for free) to pick someone up. I could "take a chance" and go further, because you never know which rides are good...
  2. UberTaxPro

    Uber Tax Summary and Online Mileage?

    The Uber 2018 tax summaries that I've seen so far have all included "online mileage" reporting. Is this true for everyone?
  3. A

    Car recommendations

    Hi, I'm new to the city and have been job hunting for a while. I figured in the mean time I should start driving uber to keep things moving. I've been advised to buy an used car 2009 and newer for as low as 5k to make this gig work. However, I don't know a lot about cars and their working...
  4. Clarity

    Question for Drivers who Drove before 2018 about Detailed Driving History

    People who drove for Uber and Lyft before 2018, can you still see detailed driving history like you see below for the years before 2018? Can you still see maps and driving times for both Uber and Lyft and also street names for Uber? I know Lyft doesn’t show street names. I am asking because I...
  5. Clarity

    Is there a 3rd party app that shows total miles driven for past rides?

    Does anyone know of a 3rd party app that automatically adds up all the miles driven in 2018? Perhaps a daily, weekly, or monthly total of the miles driven? Preferably for both Uber and Lyft, but if it's only for one of those it's okay. That way I don't have to go back into the Uber & Lyft...
  6. Serenityseeker71

    Constantly shorting me on mileage

    Can anyone tell me if it’s legal for uber to short me on mileage driven, and claim I didn’t take the most efficient route please? I got tired of getting shorted and app support refusing to pay me for taking the quickest route so I started following the uber app navigation to a T and it’s still...
  7. T

    Quick Books Self Employed

    So currently I have been using this to keep track of expenses and mileage, and this is my first time using the app. Does anyone have any experience with the app and can offer any pros and cons to it?
  8. HeyBruno

    Overall mileage report

    New to Uber and wondering what kind of mileage and/or other reports are provided near tax time (assuming something is sent at all or is that wishful thinking?). I'm keeping track of miles reported by Uber for each trip/delivery but haven't kept good records yet of my miles spent getting to the...
  9. Halfmybrain

    Can I import/download pay, miles,etc.?

    Is Driver pay, miles, etc. for a long span of time (2018)downloadable from Uber Partner Payments (or elsewhere) into Excel?
  10. H

    Mileage, Gas Receipts, LLC?

    Pretty new to Uber and Lyft (just shy of a month). Looking at mining all my past ride history data from Uber and Lyft to find my miles driven (which wouldn't include the distances I had to drive to actually pick the riders up). After doing so, I plan to add the least resource-intensive app...
  11. J

    How do you track your Miles/Expenses?

    I'd like to know what you guys use to keep track of everything, like mileage, and expenses! Which Apps work the best for you, or do you have another method that you think is better? I've been with Uber for 7 months now, but I've only been driving for 2 months. So I'm still a newbie! Also, I know...
  12. nagosto80

    Mileage Tracker

    Is there a mileage tracker than you can use multiple rideshare companies? Can you track Uber and Lyft on one mileage tracker app?
  13. John Baker


    Hiya, I recently joined Uber. I have a couple of questions around taxes and self-assessment. I know I don't actually need to submit my accounts until January, but I figure I'd try and make sure I was keeping on top of the stuff I need to track. Here are the questions: 1. Is it worth getting...
  14. E

    I appreciate any clarity given in regards to online mileage on the summary page

    Good Morning, On my summary page it says I drove roughly 25,000 miles, but grossed roughly $33,000 on my 1099k. I'm rarely in San Francisco and I rarely receive surges or boost, so at .75 cents a mile, how is that even possible? When contacting Uber, they say the 25,000 miles refers to ALL the...
  15. Thefunone

    Deducting Mileage

    Im adding my mileage into Quick books. Is it normal to break pretty even or be in the negative when figuring mileage per day vs daily pay? This includes from the time I'm logged on and the mileage in between rides.
  16. Robert McLendon

    What do you put for "Destination" in your mileage log?

    The IRS rules technically require a "Destination" for each line of the mileage log. I record my odometer when I start driving (go into driver mode) and when I stop (go out of driver mode). Usually I'm at home both times. What do you guys put for "Destination" in your mileage log?
  17. Lurking

    UberEats Pay Rate

    UberEats pay is calculated differently than a pickup. Pay is generally slightly higher than UberX for the same distance. Surge, boosts and other promotions may apply if you meet all requirements. However, there is no increase for XL or Premium drivers. The basic pay formula is: (Pickup fee +...
  18. Lurking

    Long Trips vs. Short Trips

    My take on an issue that has been debated a lot. Some drivers hate long trips. I happen to like long trips. Here's why. (Note: intentionally excluding base fare, surge, and Uber cut) Assume a long trip takes an hour, likely using mostly highways, averaging 60 MPH. There is no return fare, which...
  19. PlatinumRSS

    Questions: Taxes, mileage and record keeping.

    Should I keep Uber and Lyft record keeping's and mile tracking for business and taxes COMPLETELY separate? OR can I just mix them together as just one business? And how do you all do it? Whats your methods? I want really good records for tax time.
  20. Maven

    Uber Underpaying Drivers, Again

    ALWAYS check the mileage, especially on longer trips. It is tedious, but essential. This is an old complaint, but it seems to be happening more frequently recently. I may see under 3 miles on a trip over 30 miles. :mad: Of course, I'm paid for the 3 miles, unless I complain. Otherwise, Uber...