1. Robert Li

    Uber and Lyft drivers

    We are working for pennies, 0.72 cnts and 0.76 cnts with Lyft per mile. The most of the rides are X and Lyft , with pool and line is less, we need to organize and demand a raise on the price of the mile that the Corporations pay to us. We are destroying our cars for nothing. We are not...
  2. me2

    What is the pay in your area price per mile and minute

    Mine is $1 base fare + 15¢ per minute and 90¢ per mile with a min of $4.65 per ride and uber charge each rider an additional $1.65 that I don't see I get 72% of that charge so you'd think I'd get a min of 3.34 per ride but no it's 2.16 this is silly I drive around a small town were you might...
  3. duanedesign

    Minute or mile

    Uber has a mile fare and a minute fair. How does this work? Does the rider get charged for the miles and the minutes it takes?
  4. Leo.

    Just out of curiosity...

    I am just wondering if any of you out there would not mind sharing what is the average mileage per every thousand dollars you made being claimed to the IRS? So the total amount of miles to be deducted would be divided by a single digit of a thousand. For example: Claiming 23,000 miles Made...