1. Halfmybrain

    Why wait (airports)?

    Maybe it's as fundamental as the Pool vs. No Pool question....mostly a matter of preference. But someone tell me why it makes sense, to sit idle for (please enlighten me....HOURS?) waiting for an O'Hare run rather than go to specific areas that are likely to have riders at that time...
  2. Halfmybrain

    Did I rip off a Gypsy Camper?

    Tuesday ~10 pm I brought a rider to Midway. I turned my app off and headed to the Pit to pee. About 30-40 cars in the gypsy camp. Was probably gonna set my DF toward home, since I had started at 4 pm (way early for me) and the City seemed slow. Ahhhh relief. On my way to my car, I turned the...
  3. JFrancis

    What is that "second" queue near Midway Airport

    Probably someone can explain this. There is some sort of queue at Cicero Ave and 55th street. It is a little blue rectangle on the Lyft app map also. Yesterday I was traveling eastward on 55th through that intersection and was put into that queue, until it timed out. But that is a queue...
  4. pizza guy

    Airport traffic aides

    Anybody ever notice those guys always disappear when it rains?
  5. Dawn P

    Day 2, ...I'm an idiot

    Why would I come.to the airport randomly at 1am, without even checking arrival flights. ?? I assumed planes came in and out all day... I am checking arrivals now and none arrived the 3.5 hours I've been here. Not till 6. It's now 420 am, and still in que. I'm glad I brought stuff to do.. just...
  6. D

    newbie question about trade dress.

    So I understand that you are required to have 2 "U" on the car/ city emblem/ vehicle inspection in order to be able to pickup from airports. But do you have to display same thing when driving in city? What about suburbs? I would prefer driving without it if it's possible.
  7. jameshetfield

    ORD or MDW which do you prefer?

    Question for Uber and Lyft drivers who frequent the airports in Chicagoland.
  8. R

    Picking up at airports

    So we finally received information about picking up at the airports, but it was missing a lot of key information. I just sent the following list of questions to support and will see if they answer them, and if so, if they do so thoroughly: Please provide researched answers to all the following...
  9. R

    Why isn't Uber keeping us informed about airport pickups

    Why isn't Uber sending out information to us regarding the airport pick ups? Why do we have to learn about this from the news or from passengers? Am I missing something? Is there an email distribution list that I need to be on and if so how do I get signed up for it?
  10. U

    TNP Ticket Advice

    Hi Everyone, I was recently pulled to the side after dropping a pax off at Midway. The guy ID'd himself as a cop and asked for my license and Uber vehicle registration. Another guy was taking pics of my car, license plate and other things. My sticker and registration were both in full display...