1. J

    Free Donuts

    Lol anyone getting them free donuts tomorrow morning on Harrison
  2. J

    Tacky Uber Drivers

    What's up with you guys putting custom stickers on the back of your car? Really scotch and duck tape? And your faded uber sticker looks like its been left out in the sun for years lol. And those other custom ones you guys make or put them by your license plates lol you you guys super tacky
  3. J

    Go home

    Can some of you thousands of drivers go home please im regretting all of my referral money now lol
  4. J

    Destination Trips

    Do they still count towards PDB or no? Haven't checked in a while.
  5. J

    TNC lot lol

    Now I know why you guys got so low ratings and never make no money. This is the first time I ever waited at the tnc lot been driving on and off 2 years almost. Yall look like yall been sitting here for 5 hours and haven't slept in a couple days lol.
  6. J

    Dreamforce thoughts

    Uber sucks for having all these people out and covering surge up with boost. I hope this weekend and tomorrow it surges. I wish they really never started HG or Boost. Oh well too late now...surge was the motivation lol The companies are paying for all their Uber anyways. Hotel prices went up...
  7. J

    Anyone want to have a bet?

    Who can do the most rides in a week. 250-500 bet. Anyone down??? Lol
  8. J

    What do you guys hate the most about noob drivers?

    Lol why you guys ask so many questions just drive or don't.
  9. J

    Ton of surge today

    Get out there 3x-4x
  10. J

    Is surge coming back or boost replaced it?

    Surge has been looking pretty weak. Did they replace HG and Surge? Lol gotta hope for the PDB e-mail. Don't do this to us Uber.